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15 Best World Of Warcraft Servers
Blizzard Entertainment is part of Activision Blizzard and is the developer of the world’s most popular online MMORPG - World of Warcraft. Access to the multiplayer game is based on a monthly paid subscription. Blizzard is regularly releasing new additions, with paid access to official World of Warcraft servers. Usually this is a continuation of the storyline, new in-game things, graphics improvements, bug fixes, etc.

Technical support for the official servers is at an incredible level. Very stable connection, no bugs, all content working, game events, fractions forces balance, elaborated in-game economy, new additions, everything that you expect from a paid product. Millions of players choose official servers because of their stability.

But Blizzard has had a problem for a long time: no servers of the initial WoW game version before the 1.12.1 update. The game has changed over time, the gameplay and the interface have been simplified. And as a result, the game has lost its original atmosphere to some degree. For years players have been expressing desire to play the original version. In 2019 at a game conference Blizzard finally launched World of Warcraft servers for version 1.12.1.

At the moment, there are 7 additions to the WoW game, and each of them has its own new items and updates. Those are The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK), Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, Legion, Battle for Azeroth, Shadowlands. Essentially, players are faced with a choice: play the official server (paid) or a private server (free).

Sooner or later, each player tries to play on a private WoW server. We have selected 15 private World of Warcraft servers that stand out. We’ve reviewed each to give you a better understanding of which to choosey. This is the list of private World of Warcraft servers we have chosen:

WoW Circle - WotLK, Cataclysm, Legion, MOP
Ether Side - BFA
WoW Mania - WotLK
Unlimited WoW - WotLK
WoW Reign - Cataclysm
EzWoW - WotLK, MOP
WoW Freakz - Legion
Endless - TBC
Sunwell - WotLK, TBC
Warmane - WotLK, MOP
Sirus WoW - WotLK 3.3.5a+
UWoW - WotLK, Legion
Apollo 2 - Cataclysm 4.1.0 / 4.3.4
Firestorm - BFA 8.2.0, Legion, MOP
Tauri - MOP 5.4.8, WotLK 3.3.5a
15 best World of Warcraft servers

Before we go into WoW servers details, let’s introduce basic terms and definitions.

Private / Custom - unofficial, fan-made, free to play World of Warcraft servers.
Blizzlike - unofficial WoW server, similar to Blizzard servers.
PvP - Player versus Player mode.
PvE - Player versus Environment mode.
Fun / Funserver - a mode, where a character is at the highest level since its inception and most weapons/skills are free.
Population - a number of active players on the server.
Realm - game world.
Some servers can provide players with several different realms with different rates, rules, PvP, PvE, or Fun mods.
Rate - for example x2 means double the amount of experience, loot, honor, reputation, gold.
Shop - a store to buy all sorts of goods, from weapons to a levelled character.
Wipe - a special event when all achievements, items and skills are annulled.
Mount - a special fast method of movement for a character. In the original game, this ability appears from level 40.
Migrate - transferring a character to another game server (includes its level, accessories, weapons).
High-Level / Endgame content - items, weapons, skills, professions, dungeons, bosses and other content, that is only available at high levels.
Ping - time from PC to a server, or PC to PC (game delay).
Anti-Cheat - a development to prevent players from cheating.

WoW Circle

Release date: Nov 2011 | Players: multinational | Client size: 49 GB

A quite old and large project. This is a set of World of Warcraft servers with powerful equipment (hardware list can be found here), which gives players an opportunity to enjoy the content of additions to choose from: WotLK, Cataclysm, Legion, Mists of Pandaria. For each addition you need to download the game client of the corresponding version from the site.

To start playing on the WoW Circle server, you’d have to download the game client (WotLK 3.3.5; Mists of Pandaria 5.4.8 + launcher; Legion 7.3.5), register a new user, sign in and play. A lot of players online, especially if you go to the Fun server. Game worlds are often updated, a large number of errors are fixed. At times it may seem that you are playing on the official server.

Since this is a Blizzlike-style server, it is not much different from the official one. During the game, there is always a stable delay indicator - about 30 ms. A huge forum will answer any questions that may arise about connection, installation, gaming, updates and fixes. In a separate topic, you can offer ideas for improvement. This project is so large that it will be very difficult to give an objective assessment of all the content.

4 additions, 10 game worlds, many active players
x1, x4, x5, x100, Fun rates
Ping ~30 ms (hardware located is Central Europe)

Ether Side

Release date: Jan 2020 | Players: multinational | Client size: 75 GB

There are not many projects for the new BFA addition, there are almost no well-optimized ones, so this server will be good news for many players. This server is considered the first BFA addition with a rate of x100 per kill, x50 per quest, x15 reputation, etc. - players will be able to quickly raise the character level. To start playing on the Ether Side server, one has to download the client and launcher, and then register.

The type of this server is PvP, where war mode is always on. All content of addition v8.0 is fully implemented: dungeons, raids, military campaigns. It has better stability compared to other World of Warcraft servers. Though, loading the world and characters, especially for the first time, may take some time.

BFA with x100 rate
Dungeons, raid, military campaign from v8.0
New Location - Darkshore, new difficulty level “Mythic +”
PvP mode always active

WoW Mania

Release date: Mar 2015 | Players: multinational | Client size: 19 GB

The Lich King addition is implemented on this server, but also unique items are added and online events are regularly updated: raids, dungeons, PvP arenas. The server has existed for almost 5 years, and throughout the whole time displayed good performance and stable connection.

To play on the WoW Mania server: register on the website and download the client via Torrent. There are special types of currencies within the server: Maniac Points, PvP Token, Transmog Token, Vote Token, VIP Token, which can be obtained for completing daily tasks and spent on various improvements.

Thanks to powerful hardware setup, this server is the most stable private with WotLK addition - and this is the most legendary WoW addition. Players from 53 countries play every day and night, making it a truly global community. The creators facilitate this by hosting regular new team events.

Rates x1, x2 (by default), and VIP - x4, x6
Custom currencies
Free mount at level 10
VIP membership with unique items and offers

Unlimited WoW

Release date: Oct 2017 | Players: multinational | Client size: 19 GB | Patch size: 63 MB

A game server based on the legendary WotLK addition. Since this is a Funserver, when you create a character, you will immediately receive level 255. The character will spawn on the Lost Rigger Cove location, and here you can immediately see the number of players. There are also many NPCs with weapons, clothes, and specialization studies.

The creators always support the interest of players with updates, usually these are game events. In addition, they also are constantly fixing bugs even making logs public on the website. Unlimited WoW comes with a patch, required to install for the full content to be represented. Stable connection without visible delays, despite the large population, makes it one of the best World of Warcraft servers.

Game starts at character level 255
80.000+ unique items
All classes are open for each race
Instant professions

WoW-Reign Cataclysm

Release date: Apr 2019 | Players: multinational | Client size: 15 GB

A relatively new server, launched in the spring 2019, yet the team behind it has been working with other projects for 5 years. This is a Blizzlike server, so here will be the usual gameplay for Cataclysm addition, where 85 has become the most accessible level and 2 new races have been added. To play, register an account, download a game client, or alternatively, change line in the realmlist file and set it to “” (see tips at the end of article).

Several customizations have been introduced over the years, mainly in terms of game awards and events, as well as 2,600 bugs have been currently fixed. The whole team is working hard to make this server the best one with the Cataclysm addition.

The site has a forum, bug tracker, leaderboard. Also on the server there is a working Anti-cheat, which will guarantee fair conditions for everyone. In general, we got an impression that this is a fine WoW server, with quests, scripts, mount, shop, etc.

Ambitious development team
Free mount at level 20
Average population, suitable for beginners

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Release date: Jun 2008 | Players: multinational | Client size: 16 GB

A peculiar game server with quite a long history. According to the administration, they have never done a single wipe since the very beginning in 2008. Talk about consistency! To play on EzWoW, get a torrent file, register account, or if you already have a client version 3.3.5, set realmlist to “”.

Migration and character transfer are available, which is a rare option among World of Warcraft servers. This allows transferring a game character to or from another private server. However, it works only within one version: a character cannot be transferred from 3.3.5 to 5.4.8.

The schedule is rich in game events, a bug tracker is in place too (you get custom currency for bug reports). Many online players are especially active on weekends, reaching 5,000+ people. Premium is available, which makes it possible to disable PvP and play in PvE mode. It also grants quick access to the auction, merchant, bank, also doubles the experience. Premium costs 12 bonuses.

Quick bug fixes
Fully working class quests and talents
Free VIP membership for 12 bonuses

WoW Freakz

Release date: 2010 | Players: multinational | Client size: 48 GB

An interesting WW server, with a couple of good features. You indicate the desired rate when registering an account on the site. Such indicators as experience, reputation and spawn of items of different classification are taken into account. These settings can be changed later. Migration is possible - transfer your character from another server, for free too.

According to user reviews, WoW Freakz is considered the most balanced and bug-free. Content is adequately scripted, this includes cut scenes, dungeons, etc. For us, it felt like the server hosts regular players only, and practically no newcomers. At the starting location, we were the only new character for half an hour.

Migrate function is available
Stable server population, skilled players
Add-ons installation available


Release date: Jun 2019 | Players: multinational | Client size: 7.7 GB

The Burning Crusade is the first update in which there are two new playable races, dungeons, PvP arenas, a new game world Outland, a new profession. After this initial update, much has changed in the WoW world. To play on the Endless server, you’d have to register and download the file.

The server type is Blizzlike, which means that it is like the original. The multiplier rate is x5 for experience, whereas for everything else it is x1. This will allow a player to pass the character’s PvE leveling a little faster, but still you will need to try. By the way, the difficulty of the PvE mode quests has increased.

The server runs anti-cheat, which has detected and blocked about 200 cheaters so far. The client is well optimized, and together with a stable connection. Even under heavy loads, the game does not lag, so Endless deserves a spot on the list of top World of Warcraft servers.

A rare addition - The Burning Crusade
Huge population
Functional anti-cheat
Lots of items in the store


Release date: Nov 2016 | Players: multinational | Client size: 17 GB

This server has two add-ons, WotLK and The Burning Crusade, the latter is in development and not yet available. WotLK is divided into two game worlds with different rates. The maximum level of character is 80 and the player will spend most of the time in the snowy Northrend location.

There are different rates on the game worlds. In Frosthold, the default rate is x3 till level 68 and x2 from level 68 to level 80. All other indicators: reputation, honor, gold, drop, are left without a multiplier. In the second realm of Angrathar there are rates x2 till level 69, and the usual x1 further to level 80. It is possible to increase the rate to x3 if you invite a friend. You can buy boost in the store and multiply the rate on any of the realms to x4-x6.

Sunwell server has a bug tracker and an informative forum. Administrators closely monitor the balance between fractions. They have recently introduced a bonus system for players who choose the Alliance (increase reputation by 10% typically).

VIP rates: x4, x6, Invite a friend: x3
Great game powers balance support


Release date: Jan 2019 | Players: multinational | Client size: 8 GB

A very large server, with a total number of online players reaching 20K in different realms. The most populated world is Icecrown (WotLK) - 12K players, the queue is 500-1,000 people. The style of Warmane server is Blizzlike, so sometimes it may seem that the game is happening in the official WoW environment. To join, choose the addition and download the game client from the website.

The server often carries out technical work related to the balance of power in the game. For this, 50% of gold was removed from the game worlds, and inactive characters were deleted. Also there are championships with a cash prize held on the server. For the first place in PvP 3v3 you can win $5K.

PvE mode on this server is perfectly implemented: in terms of scripts, boss battles, random loot drops. PvP mode is also decent, but the game will depend on specific players mainly. Since these World of Warcraft servers have a large turnover of players, there are many newcomers who do not have enough experience in conducting PvP battles. All in all, a very good WoW experience.

Many game worlds, large population
Multiple realms with different rates
2 options for WotLK realms (original models, Warlords of Draenor models)

Sirus WoW

Release date: 2010 | Players: Multinational | Client size: 20 GB

Sirus is very popular among WoW private servers, it has four realms based on the same WoW expansions, but with different features, rates, and population. All Sirus realms based on WotLK 3.3.5a+ expansion: Frostmourne x1 realm (population 1.5K+), Scourge x2 realm (population 1.5K+), Neltharion x3 realm (population 2-5K daily), Sirus x10 realm (100-500 players).

The reason this game service has four realms is to interest the most players of all kinds. Beginners can take a fast trip on main game mechanics in the Neltharion realm due to x3 rate, level up their characters faster, but at the same time delve into the gameplay. Experienced gamers will be interested in this or any other Sirus realm due to the amount of permanent players.

Besides the main content of WotLK, Sirus offers players five new races, dungeons from The Burning Crusade adapted for level 80. After players reach the maximum 80 level, there is a category upgrade - new quests that are meant to upgrade characters’ combat performance.

New mounts, crafts, professions, equipment, quests, improved game interface, character ratings, and HD models all come with the Sirus servers for free. This gaming server has a lot to offer even after 80 levels, that is the main reason it keeps attracting new players by each day.

4 game worlds with different rates: x1, x2, x3, x10
5 new races
Dungeons from TBC with 80 level adaptation
High population
Character development even after 80 level


Release date: Sep 2009 | Players: Multinational | Client size: 55/28 GB

UWoW is a list of game realms with a wide variety of different rates: from low-rate to FUN realms. The majority of players select high-rate realms. The server consists of three available expansions: Legion 7.3.5, WotLK 3.3.5a. All low-level content is implemented as good as possible for a private server.

As for high-end content, there may be some bugs still, but the server support team does all they can to fix it quickly. We’ve also checked player reviews and concluded that gameplay has been improving with time. Regular championships take place to gain new players and to keep the interest of old ones. Anyone can win cash prizes, in-game rewards, etc.

The most popular UWoW realm is based on Legion expansion v.7.3.5 with working Argus - location in a game world available from 110 level. The rate of this realm is x100, so that players can level up their characters fast and participate in exciting PvP and PvE battles.

As for PvE content of this world, everything is working good, dungeons, raids of Legion. As for shop opportunities, you can literally buy everything, from rare items, to unbanning accounts, but spammers are an exception.

2 available expansions: WotLK and Legion
Both low-level and high-level content
Stable ping: 10-20 ms on popular realms

Apollo 2

Release date: Dec 2008 | Players: Multinational | Client size: 15 GB

Apollo 2 is a fresh Cataclysm server, and it will be an excellent choice for beginners to start their journey. There is a huge amount of players, many with top equipment, so every new player can participate in PvP battles after upgrading his character. From the very beginning, you feel like you can achieve a lot and become a great player on this server, unlike on some other World of Warcraft servers. There is a shop too, though only some minor items in it and a character auction house.

Talking about leveling on this server, as this is x3 rate realm (x3 XP, all other indicators are x1), leveling goes smooth and without any difficulties. Most of the PvE content works great. Dungeons is also a great way to level up, as Apollo 2 houses many new players, so there will be a minimum low-level dungeon queue. Overall, it is a good choice for those looking for a fresh Cataclysm server to start a new quest.

x1 or x3 experience rates
Properly working quests
Minimum dungeon queue
Easy to start Cataclysm server


Release date: Oct 2015 | Players: Multinational | Client size: 75 GB

This service allows us to select one of seven realms with different rates and WoW expansions. At the moment, there are three available expansions: BFA, Legion, MOP. The most popular realm is Sethraliss; based on BFA expansion, it has x3 rates and a minimum 3K of daily players. The content is optimized and scripted, either low-level or high-level. With rates from x3 to x5 leveling is quite simple and fast.

Firestorm realms:

Sethraliss x3 rate - 3K+ daily players (BFA)
Sylvanas, Greymane x3, Fun - 500-1K players (Legion)
Gul’dan x5 - 50+ players
Garrosh x5 - 600-1.5K players
Deathwing x5 - 10+ players
Icecrown x5 - 50+ players

Firestorm provides a shop, where players can buy basically everything, i.e. BFA mounts, levels, characters, items, loot boxes, gold, transmogs, titles. We’d like to add that Firestorm has one of the best BFA extensions realms among all other available options - minimum bugs, stable connection, loyalty to all players.

Properly implemented low and high-level content
Minimum amount of bugs
Seven realms
BFA, Legion, MOP
Extensive shop assortment


Release date: 2006 | Players: Multinational | Client size: 23 GB

Last but not least is the Tauri server for WoW. Creators of this one did their best to get the highest available quality for a private server. At the moment, Tauri has the best free playable MOP extension out there. It is almost impossible to launch a private game server without bugs, yet the Tauri team came very close. Playing is pure pleasure, at times it feels like the official server. Judging by population, scripting, community, and overall quality of product, Tauri is one of the best servers for sure.

Tauri consists of two playable extensions, each consisting of several realms. MOP extension:

Tauri x1 rates - up to 1000 players
Warriors of Darkness x15 - 200+ players daily
Evermoon x2 - up to 1500 players (mostly English speaking)
Public test realm - clon any character from any realm to try it
WotLK extension also has a few realms:

Crystalsong x1 rates - 3K+ players
Crystalsong Alpha
Burning Blade x7 rates - special low population realm to explore the game world peacefully
Tauribattle x30 - Fun PvP realm (appear with maximum level and basic gear)
Alaris - different rates, PvP realm
There is a shop but the only thing to purchase is a VIP membership. It does not affect game strength in any way, but it can grant useful features, like instant login/logout, character rename or transfer, race change, boost, etc.


Seven different rates and special realms
Two playable WoW extensions
The best private server optimization, scripting

NOTE: You don’t need to download the client, if you already have WoW version on PC, just follow these steps:

Go to the game folder.
Right-click on, click Properties.
Uncheck “Read Only” box and Save.
Open file in text editor.
Paste info from a server of choice into this file (e.g., and save it.
Delete folders Cache/Errors/Logs/WTF.
Download the client launcher if necessary.
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