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Jason not Jasmine pt 2
Sorry about the wait guys got real busy and all that jazz. The previous part this was the wrong draft that I posted so I'm fixing that as well seeing as the computer that had the originals went ca-put so yeah and I started on the next part as well so yeah, enjoy. Also that whole yadda about if you don't like these kind of subjects, your taste to sensitive, and/or you're just pain in the ass, you are in no way, shape, or form required to finish this (article? story? wall of text?) yeah just don't do it.

Making the choice I decide its best to just give up my fantasy of living this year out as Jason, if Thomas is anything like he was in high school it doesn't matter I'll mostly be plaything the whole year anyway. Taking a deep breath I step out of my room as Jasmine and decide on how to introduce myself to my new roomy. SURPRISE! I Stepped out of my room with my black hair piled on top of my head, a dress so short and revealing prostitutes or high school girls would have killed me for it, but my heels were pure chick power. As soon as I step out he's there, on the couch. His baby blue eyes turn from curiosity to hunger in less than a heartbeat, as they drive down my body like its the autobahn, until they crash in to my SLUT tattoo. Seeming to remember his manners he jumps up in a flash and extends his hand.

“um Hi I'm Jasmine” I couldn't give him the other name, I just couldn't. “Jessica Baker, sorry I'm elsewhere in my mind”

“Sam Murphy, nice to meetcha” totally an east coast boy “Where are you off to looking so dam-arn nice?”

“I have a date of sorts tonight at The Goose, you know that bar over by the admissions”

“Yeah I know the one, you might see me there its a pretty common spot for the co-eds here. Well I won't keep you, have a nice night”

“Thanks, you too Sam, later” feeling his eyes on my ass makes it hard not to pull it down lower, God I really am a slut because all I can think about is how his cock must look judging by that bulge.

I arrive at the bar 20 minutes early, as it turns out its relatively close to the dorm I share with Sam. I notice Thomas right away, sitting in the back as handsome as ever. He looks like a nice regular guy on the outside but on he's more terrifying than my father and his father combined on the inside. It was Thomas who started “The Parties” before it would just be me and dad on a “fishing trip” but not soon after I wasn't only drowning in dad's milky ocean but also that of almost every man in town who had any power, Tom turned me into a weapon and tool. He met me at half way and pulled me in for a kiss that started hard and ended with a bite on my bottom lip. Pulling me by my ass up into his groin so hard I felt every inch of his cock in my hip he whispers “follow me”

I follow him around the frat house inspired establishment to a bathroom in what I assume is the back, as soon as I shut and lock the door he's on me. His hard kiss to the point of hurting while his hands play Lewis and Clark on my body, pulling my dress up over my ass his hands start kneading my cheeks while a finger sometimes dips in. He gives me his middle finger to suck on for a second before sneaking it around my back and up my ass. He pauses ravishing my neck to point out “You've been busy today”.

“Dad stopped by.” He suddenly rips his finger out of my hole and yanks by head back by my hair before spanking me so hard I wince.
“You're forgetting something slut” Slut drops out of his mouth like communist from a cold war vet. I know I've taken too long to correct my self when he slaps each of my tits so hard my knees give out and I end up on my knees below him struggling not to cry.
“sir sir sir, oh god I'm sorry sir” hoping to forestall any other punishment I began to release his cock from his pants, which dropped to floor with a thud. Damn, I had forgotten it was so thick. I put my mouth on it and eased down as far as I could get before Tom felt inclined to help me the rest of the way. He held me for a little then let me recede until I was able to breathe before he jammed it back in, doing this over and over as hard as he could each time. I had lost the track of time and repetitions before he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up on my feet and spun me around before pushing me on to the sink.
“Hold on to that, and lose the panties, quick” doing as I instructed I dropped them “you're allowed to cum but you had better catch it in your hand” With that he placed his saliva lubed cock at my entrance and eased in, god it felt too good not moan, a long moan. “shut it slut” each reentry got steadily faster. With one hand on my shoulder and the other on my hip he started power driving into me, I was pumping my own meat and pushing back into him any way I could get more. His hand on my shoulder slid from its perch to my ass before he gave me a few spanks and moved to firmly gripping my balls and using them as leverage for his trust. I tried hard not moan but occasionally one would slip out and after the fifth or sixth slip he moved his hand up to my tits and start slapping them. Every thrust brought me closer to orgasm as he fucked me, and the sound of his skin slapping mine echoing in the small room was like sensory overload. Feeling him going at me with such fervor pushed me over the edge, remembering his edict, I came buckets into my spare hand; which he must have liked because then one hand latched on a tit and the other pulled my hair as far back as it would go while he trusted into me one last time. I collapsed onto the sink and he ran his hand down my from my hair to my ass and started gently kneading it while his other did the exact same to my tit as I felt him shrink until he finally fell out of me.

He sits on the toilet and pulls me over and pushes me on my knees in front of his throne before pulling my head into his crotch “clean me” I start run my tongue all over his soft cock and balls, cleaning every crevice. He stood us up and sighed and pulled up his pants before taking a piece of toilet paper and cleaning around my hole “leave the rest, and that bit in your hand suck it up but don't swallow it. Fix your self up and meet me back out on the floor.” as he was about to leave though he turned back around “oh and I nearly forgot this” and pulls something black out of his pocket it and wraps it around my neck, it's a choker with a gem the same shade of green as my eyes dangling in tear drop formation in the front. After he fastens it he catches my eyes in the mirror, this isn't a gift it's a demand.

“A collar?...sir”

“Every pet needs one babe and besides you don't need a collar to know I own that sexy body of yours do you?” he kisses me on the cheek and he leaves.

I feel very naked and very dirty, every second feels like his juice is running out and down my leg. I slurp my own cum and hold in my mouth as ordered and I finish getting dressed batting away dust before fixing my make up. Taking a breath I decide I can't stall the embarrassment anymore I step out of the bathroom and bump into Sam,who catches me before I fall. I freeze, one of his hands is on my ass and the other has me secured against him with my back. My nipples are so hard, getting off in the bathroom did nothing to sate me obviously because I turn green at the thought I could go again, for you I definitely could go again and again and......

“Whoa I gotcha! Jasmine right?”

I nod and cover my mouth with my hand and say “Thanks Sam” I could have stayed and talked to him forever but my tongue dancing around in my own juice just reminds me how dirty am I. Besides am I straight or am I gay? Man or woman? I leave without saying good bye and head to the floor I had to get this out of my mouth. I find Tom sitting by a pool table with some guys and make my way over to him. He hands me a drink “spit it out in here, It's yours anyway” the drink or the cum? I make like I'm going to take a drink without the straw and do as he says and then switch to the straw. It's good but obviously alcoholic.

“They serve alcohol here? How did you get it you're nineteen”

“I know the owner and soon you will too, by the way it's a long island ice tea if you like it”

“Hi, I'm Roger, how about some pool lessons?” I had been looking at my watch it was 12 am and Tom has been nice enough to buy my drinks and ignore me for the past hour and half while I spent my time looking for Sam. “I'm not very good but I can teach you to lose like it's no one's business”

The fact that he's funny gets me standing up but the fact that he catches me when I go to tumble over makes me reply “You sir have me sold!” he pulls me over to the pool table and hands me a cue stick

“This is a cue stick and the aim of the game is to get the balls int......” while he's explain a game I've played most my life he moves around behind me getting closer with each word. Being a gentleman I assume, he lets me hit three balls into the nearest pockets before one hand slips in and fondles a tit. My first reaction is to see if Tom noticed, he did and he just smiles at me. His reaction to my reaction makes me realize hes right I don't need a collar to know he owns me. When he starts playing with my nipple my breathes get shallow and he starts to kiss on my neck until he reaches my ear, but when his hand walks down the opening of my dress and into my panties to fondle my “clit, he said. Tom told me everything two weeks ago and I've been dying to have you since” some people watch as I'm fondled right at the table others try not to get to caught but a few like Tom make eye contact. Roger dips a finger in my hole and pulls out offering it to me, Tom nods and I clean his fingers in front of everyone. I return to finish my drink and go back to the bar to get a shot, while I wait for the pour I see Tom talking to a girl who I saw treating four guys to a grope session earlier, Roger, and to my dread Sam. I turn back to my shot pay the bartender and down my shot before going back.

“Oh oh here she is, April this is Jasmine, and Jasmine this is Sam, the owner of this fine establishment and April is one of my roommates the other being your friend Rog here.” April was short, blonde, blue eyed, and stared at me like the cat who got the canary, her School girl attire did nothing to make her look innocent or sweet. She knows about me and she's loving it.

“Owner?” redtub I say to Sam “You failed to mention this before I left for the night.”

“Well technically I'm not yet my uncle owns it but I run it under the table its mine when I turn 21, which is in two months”

“And uhh how do you know Tom?

“Tom has been coming here everyday since he arrived on campus I could keep this business afloat for quite some time on those kidney's of his. How do you know Tom?”

“Old high school flame you might say Sam” Tom interjects “How do you two know each other

“Roommates” Sam and I say at the same time.


“Well anyway the four of us were going to go back to our dorm to finish the party off for the night, coming Sammy?” April says throwing all her female charms at the boy but he turns to me.

“Are you going?” he asks I can tell he doesn't seem to really want me to go, but Tom's choker really feels like a noose at this time and I don't want to get a punishment from him tonight.

“Yeah I think I am, are you?” I beg for him to say no, but I already know Tom's plan by now, and it doesn't involve a happy ending for me.

“Nah I can't I'm probably going to hang here for a while then head back to the room, have your key?”

“Yeah, thanks have fun, sorry about bumping into you earlier”

“Yeah you too, and don't worry about it, it happens to the best of us” and he nodded to the other and headed away.

After Sam left April walked over slipped one hand on to a tit and pulled me down to a lip lock that told me how turned on she was, and then whispered “this lips and my pussy are going to be Siamese twins” she took my hand and rubbed it under her dress, she was beyond wet “if you fuck up I'm going to tattoo Hitachi on to your tongue, But Tom's mom says you're good enough and she gave me a few tips that I hope I don't have to use.”

“Ladies lets get this party rocking, follow me” as we followed tom out of the bar April would my dress flashing my ass to the world and if someone shouted spank it, she would oblige them, she got five in before we got outside and I didn't bother trying to hide it, the punishment wouldn't have been worth it. This was the start of Tom's new parties. Tom left me with the two in an alley next to the bar while he went to get the car, which was a bad idea because not even a blink a later April hand me knuckles deep inside her and Roger was playing with my tits while steaming up my neck

“God I love your hair” “Yeah get your fucking dirty hands up in there” I don't know if they were trying to humiliate me or were like this normally. But I knew more than I needed to know about them already, April was tight as hell, Roger was huge, and Tom took forever getting the car he'd already been gone a couple minutes. April pulled my hand out of her dripping snatch and spun around bring and hand under my dress and gripping my balls in a death grip

“put your fingers in your mouth” I did “good now clean them off good” I did, not quite sure what to think about the taste but it wasn't bad “now finger fuck my ass, look at me” I gripped her tight little ass with one hand and eased a finger with the other, over and over until I got two in and she started rubbing my cock through the fabric with one hand and finger fucking me back with her other “god he has you so well trained, I can't wait until Sam is part of this. Fucking a dumb bitch like you for shits and gigs is going to be great especially when you get to watch him fuck me because unlike you I'm not some freak of nature, some disgusting.....nasty, slut” and she pulled my finger out and fed it to me, staring me in the eyes with such intensity I actually felt like those things she said, and it hurt that I couldn't ever possibly be good enough for her or him.

“Get down there and clean me up, you fucking stupid bitch” and she slapped the shit out of me, so hard I fell on all fours and crawled over to her. I could see juices running down her inner left thighs, starting just above her knee and I followed the trail all the way up to her folds where she let out a sigh. I did the same for the other trails until I just had to deal with the source, at which point she grabbed my me by the hard by the hair of my head until I thought I was going to go bald and and held me still while she thrust organ up and down my face, all I could do was hold on to her ass and legs to keep from falling one way or another. Her pubic hair starting to grow back in started scratching me here and there, her clit would catch on my nose or poke me in the eye. I felt my panties being pulled down, and I wanted it so bad “Not yet Rog. Wait until Tom gets here” her shallow breathes making her pitch rise and fall. She then shoved me into you her pussy “Eat me, damn it. I'm so fucking close.” God where is Tom.

“He's been sitting over there waiting, so either you finish up or I'm starting myself” Thank god.

“Fine I'll finish in the van damn it, oh god bitch you're going to pay” she piratically dragged me two feet before she stopped “come on up on your feet you stupid cunt god no wonder you're a fucking tool” once we got to the mini van a door slid open revealing no middle seats and blanket “heels, panties off now” I do as I'm told and my Heels are just thrown into the van and April takes my panties. “Get in and lets go, you're on the floor of course” April, Roger, and I all get in the back me on the blanket April and Roger sitting in actual seats. “Stay where you are, Roger do your thing while I explain how this is going to happen.” Roger came behind me and in seconds my hands were handcuffed behind my back “You're going to be so used up tonight I hope you don't have classes tomorrow. Your clothes you're going to have to earn back; Your panties” she then spread her legs and started started to shove them in them in her hole “you have to get me off twice in this ride before we end the night and the dress you have to get Roger to cum in your ass three times, understand?” “Good girl” I feel Roger tie something around my throat and and then pull it as far back as he could and tied it again around my cock and balls “there that should keep your head up and on the prize, now get to eating” The van takes off and I fall forward right into her cream patch running my tongue all over her sacred valley getting a lot of “yeah”s and “RIGHT THERE YOU STUPID CUNT” s while Roger does something behind me and messes with my legs, and then I feel his cock head at my entrance and he slides in. He goes so deep I can't imagine what its going to look like

I begin to go between eating her ass out to eating her pussy out while still trusting back at Roger, wanting to touch myself so bad but my hands being locked was driving me nuts. I new they were both playing chicken and I didn't really know when they were calling it a night. I moved my mouth up to April's clit and applied pressure to it between a my teeth and my tongue, she came in seconds screaming at the top of her lunges pulling my head as deep into her body as she could, and following suite Roger slammed into me one last time holding it. My neck felt like it was going to break right before April literally threw me away and Roger picked me up to feed me his monster of a cock, before I could even guess “ a little under a foot baby, don't worry we'll get it in somehow, we always do”

After he started doing the depth test on my throat I felt April shove something in my ass, having my suspicions confirmed in the reflection of the window, She was fucking me with a strap-on and a big one by the feel of it. She would time her thrust with Roger's, sending his dick as far back into my throat as possible. They kept playing human ping pong with me until her breathing got so ragged she shouted “Turn the bitch around” her strap on gone but she was flooding again, I began to eat her out in earnest and once Roger was balls deep again I started bouncing back at him, hoping to put and end to this night. It seemed like time stopped until she screamed “OH FUCK YEAAAH” and she started humping my face until she died down, and removed my soaking wet panties and dropped them to the floor. She untied the string around my neck and balls while Roger was fucking me and started to make with me one hand deep in my hair the other on my tit until it slid down my body to my cock. “Your clit is so hard baby and you're just leaking, do you want to come?” I nodded “okay honey but this is the last time you're going to be able to without a special occasion” and she started playing with my tits and cock to get me off while Roger used my arms as leverage to slam into me. On one thrust he leaned into me and whispered “God you moan like such a little whore, you know that?” and after that he began beating my ass until it was too much, I came. Roger slammed into me one last time while April caught my jizz all in her hand “come on baby, eat it” she said cradling me and feeding me. Roger slid out of me with a wet sound and then undid the handcuffs, before he had me clean him. While I was cleaning April again she gave me the bad news.

“It's three a.m., and you failed to get Roger off three times” I continued licking her while she petted my hair “but you behaved so well and you tried so hard, I mean its not your fault you're just a stupid fucked up it?” I didn't know to respond so she yanked my head up and slapped the shit out of me before grabbing my nipple and twisting “I said it?”

The pain hurt so much I started crying and shaking my head no frantically “No miss no”

“No you can't” she said releasing me and putting my head back in her crotch “so I think we will let you have your dress but you can't wear it to your door, and I think we'll see you for lunch tomorrow”

“Thank you miss” and then I felt a cock begin to slid into me and knew it wasn't Roger it had to be Tom, he wasn't as long but much thicker, he was just going easy a smooth, easy, even gentle pace. He continued to fuck me even when we were right outside the bar again, with it being totally deserted the entire street dark and quite. The only sounds to be heard were my panting and the slurping on April's pussy and Tom's thrusts until he came.

“Okay” he said sound almost dissatisfied “now get your heels on, your panties, and carry the dress and then get the fuck out.”

All of a sudden I'm standing on a street, a block or so from home in nothing but panties with a van following me home. My legs were so unstable and weak, I shook so bad it took a few solid steps to convince myself I wasn't just going to fall flat on my face. My tits jiggled a bit, my nipples got rock hard from the temperature, but nothing effected me more than the smell. I could smell them all over me and even tell each one from another and I could fell the cum running down my leg. I could feel April's juice slowly drying on my face, she just might be worse than Tom's mom The walk felt like an eternity but soon enough I was inside my room, alone. I sneaked to the shower to clean up and try to wash it all away, especially the parts I somewhat enjoyed God, What am I?
Once I had scrubbed as hard as I could and I had dried off I began wondering how I should sleep, up until now I just slept naked because I would normally be used at least two times before I actually made it to school. I went through my suitcases to find something to sleep in only to find that my entire range of shorts to sleep in were stamped with “slut” “Daddy's girl” and things of like or I could sleep in see through negligees with matching panties or camis, deciding on a green negligee I crawled into bed completely worn out and sore, but I could still smell April's pussy from my hamper.

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