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A Reasonable Deal (Pt. 3)
John has a brief business meeting, which Bianca helps him to reflect on, and his house gets some much needed cleaning.
A Reasonable Deal (Pt. 3)

Chapter 1

A poor accounting department can ruin a company pretty quickly. Amazing how bad it can get, John thought to himself as he reviewed the paperwork on a small futon company that had come to him for consultation. To even begin to consult with the owner, Mark, he was going to have to have an audit done....or do one himself. The records were a mess. I'll bring that up with him.
His appointment was in about 15 minutes. It would take awhile.

Bianca had just finished scheduling another of John's appointments when Mark Hendricks walked in. An older man, in his late 50s, Mark was a little early for his appointment with John. “John will be right with you Mark, good to see you again,” Bianca said politely, and motioned to him to take a seat. John's secretary sure is a looker Mark thought, keeping his glances at her breasts as discreet as he could. She was wearing a low-cut, nicely fitted, flowery dress. Even with the situation as it is, I'm happy to have an appointment with John. I hope he takes awhile getting around to me. Bianca leaned over to get something out of a drawer in her desk, and Mark was rewarded with a nice view of her cleavage. Yup, John can take his time.
Right as he thought that, John opened the door. “Mark! How's it going? Come on in...” and Mark followed him in, engaging in a little small talk that turned into soft, muted sounds as John closed the door behind them.

They've been in there for a little while, Bianca thought, about an hour and a half later. She didn't have much to do at the moment, and her mind drifted to what had been going on in her life recently. She was being paid a decent salary, and jobs were hard to come by in the economy of the moment. It was amazing to her that the inappropriate situations she found herself in with John had become almost matter of course. He regularly groped her, played with her breasts, and even pushed her into oral sex. She'd give him the occasional blowjob, he'd go down on her at times, and he even pleasured her ass, orally. It had been a couple weeks since their first sexual encounter, and almost every day had something occur between them.
Her injured husband had no idea. Her kids had no idea. Nobody knew what happened at the office, except her and John. She'd managed to keep him from having full-on intercourse with her, but she was in constant fear that even that shred of dignity left to her marriage with Jim would be taken. Every moment I don't walk out on this situation will make it more difficult to explain my departure when I do walk away from this. Bianca didn't know what to do.

The door opened and Mark walked out quickly. “See ya later sweetie” he said to Bianca in a distracted tone, as he went out the door. He seems like a nice man. But John did too at one time, Bianca thought to herself. She looked back at John's office door. John appeared in it, and said, “don't have much to do today? Why don't you help me with something in my office?” He had a playful smile. Bianca knew what that meant.

I knew there was something up with those numbers. About half way into his conversation with Mark he realized that the irregularities in his accounting records were more likely deliberate than incompetent. With the knowledge gained at the outset of the conversation, that Mark's wife had been keeping track of the records, John started getting a feeling about what the situation was. He looked down, in contemplation, at the woman kneeling in front of him.
Bianca was holding his cock with her hand, it was wet from the attention her mouth had been giving it, and rock hard. Her dress had been pulled down off her shoulders and was down by her waist, her breasts completely exposed. She was slowly and somewhat irregularly stroking his hard cock, while her head was deeper in John's lap.
Yeah, suck those balls bitch.......John thought to himself as Bianca took one of his balls in her mouth sucking on it gently, then released it, and took the other in exchange. She switched back and forth between his testicles for a while. When she had one in her mouth, she would pull away from him, pulling the heavy testicle with her, then let it go with a sexy *pop, and go back to sucking the other.
Either Mark's wife is incompetent or an embezzler........yeah....keep jacking me.....keep sucking...............she's probably an embezzler..........I don't know.............. “hey, B, lick them too....don't just suck.” Immediately Bianca released his ball from her mouth and started covering his scrotum with kisses and licks....her tongue running between his balls, around them....she bounced them with her tongue.....yeah bitch, do what I want......good job...........good job.........that tongue is awesome.......What's Mark's wife's name again? I can't remember. Sarah I think. I don't know.....mmmm....oh geez, is she using her teeth on my..?..ooh man...haha that's great....Bianca decided to experiment a little, and softly started chewing on the tough skin of John's scrotum. She caught it between her teeth and very gently chewed and chewed on it, then let it go and started nipping at different parts of his sack...god that's awesome John thought to himself. I have to set up a meeting with Mark and what's-her-name.... John knew that he could rectify the problems. He could fix them up so the IRS wouldn't come down on Mark. But then, he could totally go to the IRS and report the odd irregularities too, which was douche-like. John liked to help people. He'd have a meeting with the two of them.
Bianca was sucking his dick now. “Hey B, when I'm …..uh......done cumming on your tits in a!........can you go call Mark and set up an appointment....uh, an appointment for both he and his.....umph.....wife to come in? Yeah.....yeah.......Then you can go home....ooh man...yeah, thanks.”
“mmph” Bianca replied, in the affirmative. It was hard to tell though, since her mouth was stuffed full of cock.
Bianca making a sound like that with his cock in her mouth put John over the edge, he shot a couple times in her mouth, but pulled out and shot the rest of his load, which, like always, was plenteous, all over her chest. Her boobs were covered in cum. Shot after shot, then a steady drizzle of cum landed on her tits. Finally he took his cock and shook it a few times, flinging bits of cum in her face and on her boobs.
“Don't talk with your mouth full B” he said with his good-natured grin.
“You know” Bianca said, as she stood up and took some tissues, using them to wipe up the cum that was covering her chest... “I'd rather you not call me “B,” that's my husband's pet nickname for me. Its just odd to hear you...uh...(she wiped a little cum off her cheek) me that. You mind?”
“Don't worry about it,” John said, “He calls you 'B' instead of Bianca sometimes right?”
“'s what I just said.” Bianca replied.
As John gently pushed her out of his office and started to close the door behind her he smiled: “Well when I call you 'B' its short for bitch, so don't worry about it.” he said with a laugh, and closed the door, ignoring Bianca's annoyed look.

Chapter 2

John came downstairs from his master bedroom. He was still wearing his suit, but he had removed the tie and unbuttoned the top of his shirt and untucked it. He took his jacket off and threw it on the couch, then joined it a moment later. He turned on the TV and decided he would vegetate for a bit.
Almost immediately the doorbell rang.
Of course. Better not be mormons.
He opened the door and there was a 40 something year old mexican woman, and a really attractive teenage girl. Damn she's a little hottie...looks kind of like....oh man! I forgot, Bianca's daughter is coming over to clean the house today! Yes!!! “Oh hey, are you Maria? I'm sorry I forgot you were coming over. And you must be...uh....Jenny right?”
“Jamie, actually, nice to meet you!”
They shook hands, then John shook the mexican woman, Maria's hand. “This girl is good cleaner! I have used her two times now, still new, but she clean your house very very good, sir.”
“Oh I'm sure she will,” John said. “It's quite a job though, its kind of a mess. Ironically, if I'd known you were coming I might have cleaned up a little.”
All of them laughed. But Jamie didn't take her eyes off of him. His relaxed but still professional look was very attractive. She knew he was her mom's boss, and she had heard her mom mention before that he was very smart, kind of young, and well-off. Bianca didn't know her daughter was going to be cleaning John's house, and when Jamie looked at John, she decided she wouldn't be the one to bring it up.
John was looking at his secretary's daughter with delight. He'd seen her picture at Bianca's desk before, but that picture must be a couple years younger. This Jamie was hot. She was wearing tight jeans, and a form fitting straight black long-sleeved shirt. Her hair was dark like her mothers, her breasts were a little smaller, but she had a very nice tan (probably from laying around in the sun with her friends all the time), and seemed self-confident.
John led the two around the house a little. Maria was jabbering on and on about different things it was of utmost importance Jamie not forget to do, like wiping down the window blinds (her insistence on this point evoked a slight eye-roll from Jamie), but for the most part neither John nor Jamie were really paying attention to her. When they thought the other wasn't looking they were doing some serious checking out.
They decided Jamie could start in the upstairs master bath, then move down from there. Maria and John left her up there and walked downstairs. John opened the front door for Maria, and before she left she said, “It is very good for you to help this girl and her family John. You are good man. Dios mira a todo los trabajos nuestros .” John didn't know what the random Spanish meant, but he replied that it was just what any body in his position would do.
He shut the door and returned to the couch.

Jamie finished the bathroom after a good hour. It was dirty indeed. Bachelors...she thought to herself, repeating to herself what she had heard in regards to the cleanliness of single men, and found the messiness of the place almost more attractive to her. He could use a girlfriend she thought to herself, with a little smile. She didn't say “wife,” because that is something her mother would correct her with. Her mom was all about being traditional. Jamie was more open-minded, and obviously overflowing with wisdom her mom was not endowed with. Besides, she was sick of hearing her mom and dad argue all the time. Marriage definitely not for her. The occasional fling? Maybe.
Moving into the master bedroom, she cleaned up some clothes, vacuumed the carpet, dusted, etc, she was washing a window that was in front of his computer desk, she bumped into it accidentally, which moved the mouse, which removed the screen saver, which revealed what John had been looking at on the computer just a few mintues before her and Maria came to the door.
A video? It was black and white, and seemed to be from an office security camera or something. The video was paused a minute or so into it. It was only 10 minutes long. She saw a man sitting on a chair, and a woman, half-naked, kneeling in front of him. Oh. My. God. John looks at porn! She knew that guys at her school did, but she didn't really imagine working, business men would do so. He definitely doesn't seem like a perv....I'll watch a little and see what's up. The camera was fuzzy, a little, and the woman's face was buried in the man's lap, and the man was turned away from her, but she could clearly see the bobbing of the woman's head up and down in the man's lap. The earphones were filled with the licking and sucking sounds of the action. They were decent microphones on the camera.
She paused the video. It appeared to have been downloaded, as he was playing it on a media player. She saw his internet was minimized, and, bringing it up, there was a porn site. A woman was getting done doggy-style. Whoah, that seems kind of intense....he' hope he's not hurting her.....well...she seems happy enough. Jamie felt something down between her legs. Am I getting turned on by watching porn? Oh my god. Now the girl was blowing the guy. Jamie watched her moving her head up and down the cock, licking it, sucking on it....It was intense. She watched for a good five minutes. Jamie paused the video again and went out of the room to continue cleaning. Seeing the porn on John's computer, in a weird way, almost made him cooler to her. He wasn't too far removed from her high school guy friends. He has a healthy sex drive, at least. He's not looking at people having sex with animals or something she thought to herself.
As she was cleaning another bedroom, how many bedrooms does a single guy need? Man he must have money, John came upstairs and said he was going to take a shower. He closed the master bedroom door after he entered. Jamie heard the water go on, and found herself wondering what he looked like naked....showering....Wow. Somebody has a crush she commented on herself, mentally. I wonder what it would be like to give him a blowjob, like those girls on the videos, like, would it be difficult, or..?.............The video!!! She suddenly started thinking at lighting speed. His videos had been paused, and she had watched them. She hadn't moved them back to where they had been. He would know something was up. Oh no.....I was in his bedroom awhile.....he will put two and two together...he's smart.
Panicked, Jamie went back to his bedrooom stealthily, opened the door quietly, and went to the computer. Great. The water stopped. That was way too short of a shower...oh god......She didn't have much time. She moved the mouse, Come on...come on.......stupid screen saver......Alright! Here we are. I'll move the media player video first....She dragged the positioning bar on the player back towards where the video had been originally. The fan was still on in the bathroom. Come on Jamie, come on, she told herself. Now for the internet video. She moved the video back to where it had been but accidentally clicked the mouse and it started playing...
Right then the bathroom door opened.

Chapter 3

John was wiping his face with the towel. He was completely naked. Totally panicking, Jamie turned off the computer monitor and whipped around to face John. He had the towel in front of his face, his rather muscular body was totally exposed to her, his very large member swinging between his legs. She couldn't help but notice, but it hardly registered, she was so horrified.
He lowered the towel, and was immediately greeted by the scene of a completely red-faced, hot, young, high school girl, staring with wide eyes and open mouth directly at him. “WHOAH, what the heck?!?!” John was totally shocked, but he managed to compose himself right away. He very slowly, as if in shock, moved his towel down to cover himself, giving her a long look at his cock, which, though limp, twitched at the thought of the girl seeing it completely exposed.
“Jamie, uh, what are you doing in my bedroom? I said I was taking a shower, and, um, closed the door, and.....uh”
Looking for a decent alibi, Jamie said, while averting her eyes from his nakedness, “ so so sorry, I was just, like, well, I, like, forgot to dust the computer desk....and, like, I thought, you know, before you saw it, I'd, you know” she turned around, partly to keep her dark red face hidden, partly to pretend to clean the desk, but unfortunately, as she did so, her hand caught on the earphones and yanked them out of the computer.
“OH! YES!!! YES!!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER!!! HARDER!!! YESS!!!! (slap, slap, slap, slap)”
The sounds of the porno playing on his computer came very distinctly out of the computers speakers. At that point, Jamie decided she had lived long enough, and was ready to die.

The awkwardness could have been cut with a knife. John looked at Jamie, then at the computer, then at Jamie again. Jamie tried to move the mouse, to bring up the screen, to do something to stop the sounds. There was no hiding what had happened now. No excuses. She just wanted the sounds of her humiliation to stop. She forgot she turned off the screen.
John was all about helping people, and this girl seriously needed help. He handled the situation very well actually. He decided on humor to aid them.
“Jamie, Jamie...” he laughed warmly, “you might want to turn the monitor on.” He walked right up next to her, his naked body intimidating, but very hot. Jamie wished the situation was different. Now he would always think of her as stupid and creepy and weird and.....
“I remember when my mom caught me looking at porn once...haha now it my house cleaner did. And now I caught her (he looked at her, his fun-loving smile back) Getting caught looking at porn is always horrible...I remember the look on my mom's face....” Immediately Jamie started to calm down as he told her a humorous anecdote about his own similar experience....she decided he was definitely the coolest guy on earth. She even laughed slightly, and explained the whole situation. John just laughed it away.
“...and then you came in from the bathroom, like, uh, ALL of you,” she said, gesturing with her eyes down to his towel-covered crotch, “and I just about died. Like, seriously, I wanted to die.”
“hahaha well, actually my mom caught me jerking off once too. So you're not the first to see little John, if you will”
“I'm not so sure 'little' is a great adjective there...” she said, laughing nervously, not sure how far his coolness extended.
“Well, as long as you don't substitute 'tiny'..” he said with a smile.
“Well, like, is yours, like, don't mean to be weird or anything, but like, is it bigger than average? Cause, like, I've seen a few, like, in a movie here or there, and in health class, and, uh, yeah.....” she smiled. She knew enough that telling a man his penis was big was always considered a good compliment....and, well, she was telling the truth.
“Yeah, I guess you could say its bigger than average.”
“How big?” she had a flirtatious smile.
“Pretty big.” he smiled back. This was an opportunity he wasn't going to waste. He threw caution to the wind. “High schoolers these days. Looking at porn, all knowledgeable about everything to do with sex and relationships...its crazy. You've probably got the guys at school all trying to get with you. Back in my day girls weren't this hot in high school it seems.”
“Your day?!” she laughed, “You're not that much older than me....” she smiled at him, looking at his pecs and arms, both well developed. “Either way, I'm not really interested in high school guys. I like older guys. Not too old, but more mature you, they're cooler in a way...” It was a stock response from Jamie, and John recognized it, and was ready with the appropriate response. A phrase that is orgasmic, almost, for high school girls:
“Hmm. Yeah, makes sense. You're pretty mature for your age.” John said, and Jamie beamed. “It s good to not just be all boy-crazy, but think about what you want.” It was an abstract, meaningless thing to say, but Jamie was all over it.
They talked about relationships in broad, clichéd terms that high schoolers use, for awhile, but gradually the conversation shifted to how her mom didn't think she was mature enough for relationships, and had all these restrictions, and etc, etc.....And John said, “Well, sometimes mothers get intimidated by their daughters. Especially if they have more opportunities, or are more attractive, or seem to have more fun, and they try to restrict them to living life the way they had to.”
Jamie was in complete agreement, that was exactly what was going on. John understood. And....did he say I was more attractive? Mom's good looking......whoah.....I think, I think he likes me.....oh my god, I have to do something about this. I've got to do it. I'm doing it.
The conversation paused, and Jamie and John looked at each other, there was a friendly atmosphere that Jamie interpreted as romantic. She moved up to John, and with butterflies in her stomach, put a hand out to touch his arm, then moved her face towards his.......this was how it was done in movies......
John saw her moving towards him, he knew exactly what she was doing, and he was ready. He tilted his head down towards her, and met her lips with his own. He wrapped his arms around her, and she gently took hold of his torso, resting her hands right below his ribs. They kissed softly at first, once on the lips, twice, he caught her lower lip with both of his and kissed it....their mouths opened, and his tongue entered her mouth, the first penetration. She practically fell into his arms, and he kissed her deeply, and over and over again. His hands began moving over her body, up and down her back, drifting a few fingers over her ass (which sent chills up her spine), he hooked his fingers under the bottom of her shirt, in back, and slowly started lifting it up...pausing to run his fingers over her bare skin. She explored him too, touching his back muscles, his abs, his pecs, his arms, she lightly touched the towel wrapped around his waist.....she felt his penis growing and hardening.....poking her a little, here and there.
John moved her so she had her back towards the bed, his hands were half way up her back now, her shirt bunching up a little, his hands playing a little with her bra strap...he ran his thumb under it.
She knew what they did in the movies after this much kissing.
Jamie crossed her arms down at their midsections, grabbed a hold of her shirt, and pulled it over her head. John looked down at her young, supple body, and his hands started moving all over her, squeezing, gripping, pinching even.....Jamie loved it all. John loved it all. He began kissing down her neck, nibbled at her shoulder, kissed around her breasts, and quickly (after much practice on her mother) removed her bra. Her breasts looked happy to be free. They were perky, smaller aureolas then her mother, John noticed, but her nipples were a little longer. He pushed her back onto the bed, and began playing with them. He flicked her nipples, startling her, then followed with a good sucking of her nipples, which pleased her. He loved her nipples. They were hard, they were long, and they were his to enjoy. And he did enjoy them. He happily squeezed her breasts, hard. Her hands moved to his own, to try to ease the grip, but as soon as she felt his arms, his strength took her breath away, and her hands fell away, letting him do what he would with her.
He began kissing down her stomach, his hands following him, unwilling to leave those perky boobs alone, but obedient.
He kissed around her belly button, then undid the button on her jeans, and pulled the zipper down. He loved the sound of the zipper going down. It revealed her pink panties, which were cute, and eventually her delicious thighs were in view, perfectly tanned, and then the jeans were gone. John looked at her panties, and up at the girl, lying in the bed, looking down at him, completely willing to let him take the lead, and he did.
He dove face first into her pussy. She had not been touched there before, and now she was receiving kisses on her most private of places. Her senses went crazy. Instinctively she tried to close her legs, but his strong arms pried them open, and he continued to nuzzle his face into her soft, panty-covered charms. “ooohhhhhhhhhhhhh” she let out her first, sexually pleasured female sound. It was quickly followed by more: “ooh........ahhh.........oh John, oh.............”
He loves it down there..........oh.............he's.............oh he's kissing me down......down....there...ohhhhhh..........oh what's he he trying me or......oh He was trying to stuff her pussy lips, panties and all, into his mouth. Sucking on the fabric that was covered in her juices. She tasted even better than her mom.
John finally pulled her panties aside, and stabbed his tongue into her pussy. Jamie cried out, and John responded by moving his hands up to grab her ass and pull her closer to him, bringing her into better range......He began to be filled with lust.
These were no gentle licks and kisses. He was sucking her pussy into his mouth. Jabbing his tongue in and swirling it around, he didn't hesitate to use his teeth when needed....
“AAGH OH OH AWH OH” Jamie cried out......Her pussy was being completely abused, and she loved it. It was getting some rough treatment, but the animal-like lust of John was a huge turn on for the girl, and she let herself be ravished.
John was not even really thinking. He wanted to fuck this girl's brains out. He got up from her pussy, yanked off her drenched panties, and kneeled above her, his hard cock bouncing, straight out in front of him and over her; he put one hand down on her chest, between her boobs, holding her down, and dipped a finger from the other hand into her pussy, and started moving it around. “mmmmmm” she groaned as his finger penetrated her, “ohhhhhhhhhhhh” she exclaimed, as another finger joined it. She couldn't move from under his strong hand holding her down, and she wouldn't have it any other way, again she grasped his arm, with one hand, he is so strong.... she grasped the other hand that was molesting her with the other ohhh he's sooo horny.....
He moved his hand off her chest, it was presumably going to her hips to get her prepared for fucking. But she saw his cock bouncing over her, and the video popped into her head. She had to suck it. That was his thing. That was what she wanted to do. She did a kind of sit up, grabbed John's cock, taking him by surprise and tried to swallow it at one go. She barely got past the head, and John abandoned his attack on her pussy for a moment. This little.....agh,....little...fucking..whore.....oh......she's sucking my cock like.........oh....she's a natural......suck the shit out of my cock “Jamie!” he said, audibly, Jamie looking up at him, lust-filled eyes, and quickly looked down to continue her feast on his member. He reached down and grabbed her boobs, hard again. “Mmmphhhhph” she moaned in pain/pleasure, as she tried to stuff more cock in her mouth. “Take it down your.....throat....damn! You're good.” hot little mouth.....oh've got a hot little mouth. Your mom was sucking that same cock earlier little bitch. Old bitch, young bitch, they both suck dick.
John's dirty thoughts were scattered, his mind was hardly functioning through the haze of his desire. The same was true for Jamie. He wanted to cum, but he didn't know if he had time to recover and fuck her too. He pulled his cock out of her mouth. Practically fought her for it, as she kept trying to keep it in her mouth. God I love his cock. Its so hard, it tastes so good, its so big.....oh I want to suck him all day long!!!!
John put Jamie back on her back and mounted her. In his lust he was not gentle. His cock entered her pussy hard. It was tight, so he struggled, but he started forcing it in. Jamie gritted her teeth, the hard cock was like a train being jammed into her little hole, but she took it like a trooper. John's weight was above her, and he was willing his cock into that tight space, and in it went. Inch by inch, her pussy expanded to take in the intrusion. Jamie gripped the bedsheets tight, and fought back a tear, as pain seared through her..........then he hit her hymen, and destroyed it in a moment. “AGH!” she yelped. John knew he took her virginity....but he didn't care, he kept pushing. Inch, by inch, by inch. Finally, his balls slapped up against her ass. Then he looked at her. I'm going to fuck your brains out little chick.
She understood him, perhaps telepathically. I'm going to get fucked, hard.
He started pulling out, Jamie exhaling loudly as he did so, then he pushed back in hard. Pulled it out a little slowly, then shoved it back. Finally she started loosening up, and he was able to get into a rhythm:
“ah!......oh..........ahh!....ohhh............oh!............ uh..............mmmm......ooohhh.......god.........oh.”
Wet, dirty noises filled the room, as their bodies mashed together.
His rhythm picked up.
“Yeah I'll fuck you alright, you like this? Huh? You like my cock?”
“ your....cock......ohhhhhh”
“You want my cum....huh? You want my cum all over you?”
“oooh..........uh!......yeah......anywhere.. … it.....ohhhh..”
“you're a little love cock,” he reached over and squeezed her tit hard again.. “you love getting fucked don't you...?”
She responded with a very loud orgasm.
“AAAGHGHHGHGHAAH” she screamed...followed by quick gasps for breath, her pussy contracted violently around his cock, and her arms circled him, squeezing him tight, her hands fisted, and started hitting him in the sides, the back.....but he just continued fucking her...harder and harder.
She had cum again. Her orgasms were building on here. She had orgasmed while masturbating before, but her first with a man was multiplying and growing.
He couldn't handle anymore. He pulled his dick out quickly, her pussy giving a little 'pop' as it exited, her orgasm was so hard, her pussy lips were still twitching as his cock left them. He knew where he wanted to cum. He flipped her over and pointed his cock at her cute little ass. She grabbed the bed sheets, still in the after throes of orgasm, and John released everything he had.
“ARGGGHHHH” he groaned, as his cock spewed out cum all over her back and ass. He reached down with a hand and grabbed her ass tight, and he focused on shooting his cum around her asshole....the cum ran down into it, and just the feeling of his hot cum in her ass set Jamie off again. Cum was on her back, the back of her thighs, in her asshole, and all over her ass in general.
John stopped. He smacked his dick against her butt a couple times, and collapsed next to her.
They lay like that for awhile. John reached over and played with her anus...pushing some of his cum into her butt. Jamie's back stiffened at the unusual feeling of anal play, but she relaxed quickly, and giggled quietly as he amused himself, poking around her ass.
Sex is weird.....he's.....oh!.....poking me in the ass....ha guys are.......awesome....John is awesome....ohhh there he goes again......just stuff that stuff down in my ass.....mmmmm....yeah......more......oh.......god this is soo hot........she moved her ass a little, side to side, in pleasure, while John's finger kept up its work.
Mmmmm yeah......keep it going...........get some more that his....yeah.....second knuckle.....oh........goooOOOood......
His finger was deep in her ass. He pulled it out. Pushed some more cum in her ass, and started stuffing it in. His fingers took turns, each getting its time in her tight little ass. As the tip of his middle finger touched her anus, she pushed her ass up, encouraging deeper exploration.
She's such a little slut John thought, somewhat affectionately.
“Trying to get a little more in there?” she looked back at him innocently. She glanced at the cum on her lower back. He pulled his finger out, pushed the cum into her hole, and started stuffing it in.
“mmmmmmm” she buried her head in the covers.
She likes having her ass played with. I'm going to remember that. I'm going to stick everything I can up there. John was excited.
When John was done with his amusement, he grabbed his towel and wiped up the um off of her. He invited her to take a shower, which John might have joined, but his legs were still not functioning properly after such a huge orgasm. She did so, and came out clean.
“John....thanks so much.....that was.........was......”
“Dude. Jamie. You were amazing. You're a little nympho.” Just like your mom.
Jamie giggled. They sat and talked for a bit....ended up cuddling a little and kissing...but eventually Jamie had to leave. She had to work on some homework she didn't feel like doing, and she hadn't even gotten to the downstairs for cleaning.
“Don't worry about it,” John said. “I'll pay for cleaning the whole house. You just did some over-time stuff.” Both laughed a little.
She wanted to ask when she could come over again. Suddenly she began to think, what does this mean? Are we in a relationship now? Am I his girlfriend? Did we just “hook-up” or something....what's up?
He seemed totally fine, so she felt silly and clingy asking. So she just kissed him and walked out the door, with him giving her a little pat on the butt on the way out.

John said to himself, Jim would be pissed. I'm getting blowjobs from both his wife and daughter. This is going to get tricky. Jamie's going to want to know where she stands with me. He went back upstairs to his room. I'm sooo glad I left porn on the computer. Hmm. She didn't clean the blinds. She was looking at that video and.......hey......this is not where the video from my office cam was.............Jesus........did she her mom blowing me? That was the video that was it wasn't......she saw it I'm sure. I guess you can't see her that well....or me..........hmmmmm....oh well. Deal with it later.
John looked down at the floor. Her panties were still lying there.

To be continued...

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  • * You can share the notes in social platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, instagram etc.).
  • * You can quickly share your contents without website, blog and e-mail.
  • * You don't need to create any Account to share a note. As you wish you can use quick, easy and best shortened notes with sms, websites, e-mail, or messaging services (WhatsApp, iMessage, Telegram, Signal).
  • * has fabulous infrastructure design for a short link and allows you to share the note as an easy and understandable link.

Fast: is built for speed and performance. You can take a notes quickly and browse your archive.

Easy: doesn’t require installation. Just write and share note!

Short:’s url just 8 character. You’ll get shorten link of your note when you want to share. (Ex: )

Free: works for 12 years and has been free since the day it was started.

You immediately create your first note and start sharing with the ones you wish. If you want to contact us, you can use the following communication channels;

Email: [email protected]




Regards; Team

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