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Boyhood sexual experience with a man bodied teenen
My boyhood sexual experience with Man- bodied teen;
Man/boy love

When I was about four years old, several older teenage kids, ranging from 13 to 14, lived around my neighborhood. One of the boys, Tony, lived next door with his grandmother. Tony was 14 years old and had a girlfriend named Stella, 13; she worked at her father’s store located in our neighborhood street, corner.

Occasionally, my mom would send ne to the store to buy milk, and I would see Stella with Tony.

One dark evening, they caught my attention because Tony and Stella were standing against the store wall, making out for what appeared to be a very long time.

They were locked in an embrace and their mouths were all tongue action, I stood in awe there, gawking on the sideline, entertained, and enthralled with their actions.

lesbianebony Soon, I got a tap on my shoulder from behind, and it was my dad, who came to see why I was taking so long. I got embarrassed when he noticed what I was watching them. He too saw them kissing and laughed.

He scolded me, and told me “Don’t be nosey”, I told him that I wondered what it felt like, seeing them kissing with their mouths and tongues.

My dad told me I had to be older to know about those things, and hurried me home.

However, I remained curious. I thought more about Tony, he had nice full lips, pouty and red like, and his soft thin black mustache barely growing on his upper lip looked nice; he was cute, and he attracted me, I thought he was lucky for being good-looking, and very good at kissing with his nice, pouty, reddish full lips. Obviously, my innocent curious feelings could be viewed as gay tendencies, and quite intriguing for a 4 year old boy to have.

One day, Tony came to our door, and talked to my mom. He wanted to set up a tent or camp party in the court yard directly outside our back door that he was planning to have with all his neighborhood friends. The court yard outside had restrooms and shower facilities for use by the tenants in the building. He said it was ideal because its facilities for his tent party, a sleep over event.

Tony asked my mother if it was okay that I join in the event too since it would be fun for me to experience sleeping out in the open stars. Apparently, I was invited to the “sleep over and campout” since I was a boy too, and should join them, and because mom allowed the camp to take place near our back door, in the common court yard.

My mother packed a sleeping bag and blankets, and gave a warm sleep outfit to wear, so I would not get cold just in case it got chilly at night.

Tony set up tarps and tents, fold away beds, cots, and sleeping bags in an enclosed area that he created his camp in the court yard; he had sealed off the area with tarps making it more private and secluded. He furnished the camp with kerosene lamps, a television set, a transistor radio, and other campout gear and equipment; He brought flashlights and comic books to read. He had soft drinks, sandwiches, and snacks to eat in ice coolers, too.

Soon, several neighborhood older boys started to arrive with their gear in hand for the camp sleepover. The older boys, all teenagers, were kids that lived in the more affluent homes in the neighborhood, located across the street from our building.

One of the boys already drove a car, a convertible, which his parents bought for him. His name was John; he had dark brown complexion and tight curly hair. Some of them were dressed in army gear and wore combat boots to fit the occasion.

Among all the older teenage boys, I was the only 4 year old boy in the group, and I gravitated to Tony, who took it his duty to look after me exclusively, and had me at his side, as my protector, and I was like his little cabin boy.

The first day, before dark, he went to take a shower, and had me accompany him so we could shower together. I saw nothing wrong in that we were going to shower together to get clean, since that is what my mom had me do before bed; bathe, brush my teeth, and dress in my pajamas for bed.

In the shower, we undressed, and we were both naked, He appeared tall, muscular, and grown like a man.

He ran the shower, and begins to lather his body with soap, and then hands me the soap to me, so I could lather myself as well. He is under the running water, wetting his whole body and hair, turning his body constantly, washing his face, his body with a wash cloth. I see his dick for the first time; his dick was big and long, brow and meaty. I just stared at his body, which intrigued me and amazed me; I was in total awe. I was surprised as I was curious that he had a really big dick.

His body was muscular, tanned, his legs were nice and muscular, and his thighs strong and thick; his ass was round and beefy, and muscular. When I saw his butt, I liked it, especially.

I told him that I like how his butt looked, and he laughed. I asked him to show it to me again, and to turn around again. He smiles, and turns, as to let the water run on his body some more; he turned around several times, so I could look at his body and butt again at different angles.

He just smiled and had a happy look his face. I was happy too, that he allowed me each time I asked him to show me his butt. I must have asked more than once.

He then stood still, and showed me his butt more; he stood, flexing it for a while.

He said “Okay, I did it, now you too.”

I was still holding the soap trying not to drop it because it got slippery on my small hands. I had lathered my stomach, and legs, and he pulled me close to him, under the warm running water, and I turned around too, and stood, so he could eye my soft, white, round butt

He said he liked mine too. He just smiled, with his nice white teeth gleam, and his face, and black hair, and cute black mustache and face, dripped wet.

I saw his dick and noticed it was hanging long, exceedingly way bigger than mine; his long dick had black hair around it, and it was dripping wet too, getting longer, as I watched.

He could notice my shock, that his dick got super big, as I stood watching it; it was long, hard, and thick, with its head pointing straight up at my direction, and as he got closer to me to show it off, was massive. He held it near my face, so I could touch or see it up close. I thought to touch it, but I got scared to its sheer huge size.

He smiled, said, “Go ahead, feel it”, and told that one day when I grew up, and became older, like his age, I would have a big dick too, like his. He tapped his dick, and it sprung up and down, as it bounced with his hand on it, it quickly went back into place, again, and it remains hard, long and stiff in my face.

I agreed to touch a lit bit, feeling how hard and long it felt. I told him it felt too big; that he had such a big dick, and I never saw one that big before, and it scared me.

He laughed, as he shook it, and stroked it for little while. He stopped to lathered me some more, as took the soap again, turned me around, and scrubbed my back with the wash cloth, and under my arms, my neck, behind my ears.

Lastly, he spun me around again, and washed my butt with the wash cloth too, rubbed my round butt inside and out, along my cheeks softly; he felt and squeezed my ass, and tickled my butt hole with his finger; my little butt felt good, and he said “Nice and clean little butt, okay.”

I laughed too, because my mom tickles me too when she washes me, but I like the way he did it. He tickled my butt again some more.

He smiled at me the whole time, and patted my head and back a lot, and told me I was a good boy.

He turned off the shower, and asks me, “Ready to go?”

His big dick still big, and wet, slowly got flaccid after a while, but remained long, and dropped down his legs, again. It flopped a little bit.

He had me put on my pajamas, and I watch him dressed into his flannel white long underwear and his thick army jacket; he wore no shirt under it, just his dog tags, his chest bare; a strong, muscular brown chest; his tags clank as he pulled up on his jacket.

We went back to the tent, and the other older boys were watching a cowboy or western movie on the small television set. I got excited because I liked cowboy movies. I got happy that I would watch the movie, next to Tony.

Tony took out a pack of cigarettes and began smoking a cigarette, and was blowing smoke clouds, like the Indians did with a camp fire in the movies, one smoke cloud after another, I thought it was cool, and Tony seemed glad he entertained me with the puffs of smoke.

While we watched the movie, we ate chips and peanuts, and drank hot coffee; he sprinkled chocolate chips that melted into the coffee.

We stayed up past midnight and soon everybody else fell asleep, leaving the television on. Tony and I were still up, and it must have been the coffee that had us up so late still. He turned off the Television and the kerosene lamps, and told me that it was time to hit the bed, I was going to sleep on a cot, but I told him I was cold, and I was quivering in the cool night air. I wanted to return home to sleep in my warm bed instead.

“Yes, he said, “The dark nights is cold, but look at the sky gleaming with many shining, frazzled and shimmering stars. You are going to miss out sleeping under those stars.”

I looked up into the sky and saw all those stars, I tried to count them, but they were too many and I could only count up to ten anyway.

Tony then invited me to sleep on his bed, and I said, “Okay”.

He said that I would stay warm because he had plenty of warm blankets on his bed. Also, he was going read me comic books under the blanket with the flash light. He had Superman and Spiderman comic books.

“Yeah; I like Superman comic!” I said.

As I went over to his bed; a large fold out bed, I could hear some of the sleeping boys snoring loud, which startled me, and, I reacted by jumping out quickly, and ran fast into his bed; Tony laughed.

Everything seems dark, and he turned on the flash light under the blanket and had me select a comic book. I chose Superman, of course. I flipped the pages, and he narrated what is said, since he read it before and knew the details.

He explained that comic book story; that Superman fights an evil scientist, who wants to destroy Metropolis; the scientist learns that Superman is made weak with kryptonite. The scientist obtains kryptonite and throws it at Superman’s body. Superman is rendered weak almost immediately but Lois, his reporter friend, is nearby, she arrives and sees that He is down.

Apparently she rescues him; she removed the kryptonite away from him, and tosses it far into a distant, away from Superman; soon he regains his strengths, and he flies off to find and capture the evil scientists; he uses super powers; his x-ray eye vision to find him, and locates him in the nick of time.

The scientist is preparing his machine; he was about to destroy Metropolis with his deadly ray machine aimed at the city. Right in the nick time, Superman flew up to it and destroys the machine with his mighty hands, and by enclosing it in his special cape, to retain the blast. Superman returns to Lois, thanks her, and gives her a kiss.

I asked Tony if Superman kissed Lois the way he does Stella. I told him that I saw him put his tongue in her mouth and wondered what it felt like.

Tony said, “Do you want to find out?”

I told him I did, but my dad said that it was something for when I got older to find out about.

Tony laughed, and told me that he had kissed a girl when he was 4 years old, so I don’t have to wait until I got older.

I told him I thought more about his kisses, since I notice more, how his lips smacked with sounds, and his mouth opened wide when he kissed Stella for a long time; He put his tough in her mouth, the day they were outside her store.

Tony laughed, said, “Well if you want to know I can show you.”

“Come here” he said. He pulled me towards him, and placed his full soft luscious lips on mine; he wet his lips moist first, and gently kissed me, softly, over and over, biting my lips gently, and making them part his with mouth and lips. His lips felt soft, and his mouth warm.

Then I felt his mouth open more, and he inserted hiss tongue in my mouth, he wet my lips and mouth with his saliva. He pushed his warm tongue into my mouth. He said to relax, while he continued to explore my soft mouth with his lips and tongue; he sent trickles of wet juices down my throat; his saliva down all around my mouth, which I began to swallow, felt strange, but I began to like it, his mouth tasted a little bit like tobacco.

He kissed me, deeper and more forcefully as the moments passed, and kept his manly kissing going over and over, while he instructed me what to do next, that I too try do the same, open my mouth wide, and now it was my turn to let my tongue go into his mouth, to make it wet, as we kissed.

His white teeth met mine at times, but he slowly maneuvered me to open my mouth wide, and took control again.

I was under his control and manly spell, I told him I felt warm, that I liked it. He said he liked my sweet young lips and mouth too, he never thought this would happen; I felt so good. He said if I liked it, I should not tell anyone about it; it was our special thing; a special thing that men do when they really like each other, and that he liked me from the first time he saw me, that I was a cute, good little boy.

We got underneath the warm blankets; he removed his long underwear, and was now completely naked under the blankets. He held me firm in front of him, keeping me warm, as I lay on my side, next to him, as he had me touch his chest. He kissed me more underneath the blankets, as he slowly removed my pajamas so I too would be naked lying next to his hard, young, growing, manly body. I felt his hard big dick on my body, and it surprised me, when how hard it felt, poking my body.

He took my hand to extend it over to his hard big dick touch and feel it; he asked me to stroke it, it felt hard and warm, and I touched his balls feeling hair on his balls, which hung loose, and cool. He go the flashlight, which he lit again, so I could see his ass while he turned, and spread himself, revealing his ass, lined with dark fuzz hair, and his tight butt whole puckered and pinkish. He told me to go ahead feel his ass, to touch his warm ass and hold it with my hands.

I complied; his round ass felt hard and muscular and he spread his ass cheeks apart to show me his tight hole, I touched it and it felt warm, tight, squeezing my fingered when I let my finer slide in it, upon his request, instructing me how.

I like how the inside of his butt cheeks felt, warn and moist, sweaty like, with a manly musky smell.

He had me turn on my side again, and he felt my butt while he stroked his dick. He told me he was going do something that only real men do. He had me go under the blanket and slide down some more while he showed me his long, brown hard dick directly near my face.

He pulled his dick’s skin back and told me to kiss his dick. He pulled my head towards it, and he put the tip of his dick on my lips, and I kissed it, he said now do it like I showed you before, when you kissed my lips, and open your mouth wide and kiss it that way.

His dick got super huge, and hard. I opened my mouth and he slowly slid his hard dick in my mouth. He instructed me to make my mouth wet first, and suck it, like I would a candy-pop, and allow it to go easily and slowly in and out of my mouth. He would push in and out slow, with his dick barely in my lips. He told me that once I learned how to do it good, he would teach me other special things that only men do.

I would end as his special boy, and He my big brother, and treat me good, feeling things that only special men feel, and that I did not need to wait to grow up to feel those special man things, men can make boys feel and like it.

He told me I was a good boy, and wanted to know how sweet I really felt, but he warned me that special man things sometimes hurt, but only for a while, or a bit; I would learn to like it because we liked each other, I would make him happy, and he would be nice to me.

He kissed my neck, my lips, my stomach, sucked my feet, and turned me around to kiss my butt, he spread my ass, put his tongue on it, He said he was going to kiss it like how He saw me kiss Stella that night, but I was more special because he would make me feel real good, if he did it on my butt too.

He played with my soft white boy buns, spreading my round buns apart; my as cheeks and got spread, while kissed my buns, and inside my ass, and licking me all over, soon I felt his tongue going inside my butt hole, it felt funny, but he was biting softly, munching, and spitting on my butt hole with saliva, touching and tapping it, and making it wet.

I was silent, as he put his searching tongue into my hole deeper, in and out of my puckered asshole, I just lay still, because he told me not to move, to relax, so he could make me wet, and feel him giving me pleasure; he told me to say that I liked it, I was his good boy, It felt funny but nice, and warm, I liked it, because he talked to me nice, and assuring, that it would feel and get better, I relaxed, and allowed him to do what he was doing. I began to moan, and reacting when he put his finger in my ass, saying, “Ayy, Ayy” a lot.

He got up, reached for his bag, took out a bottle of lotion, and put it on my asshole; he put his finger inside me a lit bit more, fingering, and opening my butthole, and I twitched, and moved about.

I thought, “Oh, not again, this is what Tito did to me, and it hurt a lot” I was shaking, and I felt his hold, he saw that I trembled, so he held me around his arms, rubbed all over my body, down to my butt, and kissed me; He said his kissing, and his tongue in my lips and mouth would warm me up. He wanted me, to make me feel that he was a man, his, to hold and watch out for me.

He continued to play with my ass, rubbed the lotion on his hands to make it warm, and then spread it on my butt hole some more; He greased his dick, and had me turn, and lay sideways while he slowly pushed his hard big dick inside my tight little butt hole.

I felt it go in slowly, and he held me firmly, while he spread ass, and my legs went up, over his side, and I moaned, feeling his big dick inside me, that tore my asshole apart.

He moaned too, and told me, “Shoo”, be quiet, but it hurt a lot, his big hard dick going slowly but deep inside my tight boy hole, and he pulled out slow, again, and he put it in slow again. He whispered in my ear “You have a sweet little butt, I like it” and he slowly pushed his dick inside me more, gently, softly, sweetly talking me, in whispers.

But I moaned, and I cried when I felt it hurt me more, he put more and more lotion in my butt hole, and again went back to slowly inserting his dick inside me, opening my hole little by little, made my boy hole respond to his penetrating tool, and I soon just let it happen, and he said he was fucking me, that I was a good boy, that finally he got his big dick inside my tight little hole, and he said that I felt so good; that he had opened me up, it was nice, tight, and warm, like something he never felt before, like spreading some butter.

He promised to be gentle some more, but he could not help it that his big dick was getting too greedy, and then started to push harder and harder, eventually, he was full heartedly fucking me; pounding my ass with fierce rhythmic motions while he moaned loud, and whispered, “pussy, pussy”.

I cried loudly; I felt wet, my ass hot, burned opened, and apparently I was taking it, he was inside me, and having his way with, and my ass wavered, by his control, up, back and forth, my ass got slapped by his pelvic thrust, and balls bouncing between my legs, my hole was submitting, and pleasing him, as he grabbed, and gently slapped it, talking to me, telling me some nice words, followed by nasty words; “You are a good boy, and I am fucking you good too; which sent shivers all over my body.

I quivered to the pain, and was bewildered to his love, and his dick feeling good at times in my boy ass, I rendered myself, helpless, to feeling that I should resort to enjoy what he was doing to me, and my ass, now strange by that wild, hurtful, and tingling sensation, his dick fucking me, steadily, while he held me, telling me to say that I loved him, and agreed that I liked what he does to my sweet boy ass.

I tuned out, to his kissing me, and whispering in my ear; kissing and biting my neck, and ears, and as he held my head too, and his strong arms, braced me near to him, his arms around me, to accept and allow his control, and continuous fucking; his heavy breathing on my ears, his sweat now dripped, while he continued fucking and enjoyed my sweet ass, as totally his, finally, to his full desire.

He went head on, full force pounding it, as I cried, and believe now enjoying his fucking, too, with convincing whisper to enjoy it.

I thought the other boys would wake up and hear my crying and his moaning.

He alternated, he fucked me, slowly and then a little faster, steady and easy, and kissed me, kept telling me I was a sweet good boy, had a sweet good ass, and I, was his little boy pussy, and I felt good, better than Stella’s pussy felt, by all means.

He said that he was sprung on my little ass, and could not help but keep fucking me, telling me sorry, over and over, that if it hurt, to learn to relax and take his big dick like a big boy, because he was going to do what men do, as he was doing to me, to get me ready, at taking a big dick up my pussy ass.

That he was going fuck real hard, plow and pound my ass with his big pole, my ass would hurt a lot, but he meant to start carefully and gentle at first, but now it would become furious in ease.

“Sorry little boy that it hurts, but I cannot help it, you’re so good”

Soon afterwards, I felt his dick fuck me pounding hard and fast, which made a slurping, slapping sound when he hit my little ass hard much harder, and he continued to pounding my ass fiercely, and his moaning got louder, and his breathing heavier, telling me that my little pussy ass is the best feeling he ever felt. He enjoys fucking it, talked dirty in my ear, and said, “Yeah, yeah, uh, uh, your ass is really hot, you are my little boy pussy, you are my baby, and I will love you, well. I will fuck you on every chance I get”.

He was wild, kissing me and biting my ear and neck with hard searing passion, but gently at the same time; I held on, and held out, almost passed out, baring it, and grimaced to his big dick hurting me, fucking me deep, I wanted to fly away, I blanked o

pass out, and I took it all; “I was a good trooper”, thanking me, but his big dick inside, had change me, and I would feel different, and never imagine, that a man could do, with big dig , as he did to me, when I first saw his dick get huge before my eyes in the shower early before, thereon, I was rendered spoiled.

My ass taken from under me, ended in that, as much that I tried to adhere to his brutal dick, relaxing came difficult, under his manly control, and spell, but, thinking about dreaming and going back to good fun things instead.

I could no longer take it, I begin to cry out and complain that it hurt a lot, and I tightened my asshole, around his dick, unable to bare any longer.

And that did it. He “Yelled, boy, you are going to make me cum! Shit!” That boy pussy of yours is warm, and tight, and this big dick wants more of it, and good.

Let me love you more, with my big dick, open up for me, that little ass is the best, I can’t believe how good you feel! I am cumming!
He released his manly fluid; a white milky fluid gushed out his dick like what I saw come out from Tito’s dick after he got off me, to show me his dick, close to my face, his dick dripping , or squirting, on my face, and lips.

Tony pulled out, stroking his dick and shot more fluid all over me and on my ass, I lay in the bed, my ass hurting, pulsating, throbbing, feeling mushy with pain, that I got deflowered, my asshole opened, was changed, forever, and it is confusing why men sought me, and did that to me, I felt different, like when I got fucked by Tito, and now this time, Tony too, was wild and different, and that I liked it, but the I pain I felt before and now, would repeat, and was only when men would do that that to me; men would put their dick in my butt, and made me feel that hard dick go inside me, and raped my asshole.

My hole torn apart, and opened completely, it would be made easier for a big dick to go inside me, to the extent possible that I would bear a man’s big dick, I would then cry, for it to stop.

I would soon learn to take it after a while, and with Tony because he told me I made him feel good, I did. And when he told me I should relax and learn to take his dick and enjoy it too; He did that to me again, over and over on many several occasions afterwards.

Each time it hurt, and I just waited for the pain to stop, or for him to stop, and the desire to like it too, and many times, I realized I liked men, and what I felt, could end with pleasure too, like when with his kissing, and licking out my little ass, it felt good, I learned to like what would happen next; the invasion of my butthole; his manly body and that big dick, eventually got to feeling good.

I sought Tony out, to be with him, for his kissed; and for his comforting manly talk, and man boy sex with me. I was his little boy, and I got to accept him, like him, for he was good-looking, kissed good; a man, and despite what he did to me, as a man, I liked that I was his boy, he was a man and made my ass hurt each time he put his big dick in my ass, and he would convince me to accept his big dick, take it and say I enjoyed it, and not cry.

But I liked how he talked to me, and when he showed me his nice butt, when he held me, kissed me, and when we took showers together on several times thereafter.

The morning after my first experience with, John, the dark complexioned boy with tight curly hair, had awoken, and Tony he heard us the night before, and figured out what we were doing under the blankets, that he heard when he had fucked me hard, herd my ass slapping by his hard fucking, his moaning and my crying, his hurting me, that it made him horny, and that he played with his dick, stroking it under his blanket, getting off, and waned to fuck me too.

Soon all the other boys were up, and knew too Tony fucked me, and the pulled out their dicks, stroking themselves, getting off to hearing about my night experience, that Tony had had taken my virgin ass, as his, now it was fucked, and ruined. Now it could receive other big dicks too, and each boy should get equal chance to fuck me, as well, since Tony took my ass first.

All the boys wanted to get at me, but Tony told them, to wait for later. Their dicks were hard, some boys had dark dicks, others had thick white dicks, some had veiny dicks and some had skinny dicks. Tony had the biggest dick; long, thick, and brown. John had a nice dark big dick, fat too.

One boy got up and put his dick between the mattresses of a roll away bed, that was upright and folded, and began to fuck it; he moved his hips in and out of it, fucking the mattress fold, and then his milky fluid gushes out his dick. He got surprised; he said he never experienced that; that was the first time he shot his load.

Soon, the tent party turned into a jackoff party, with all the boys stroking their dicks and experiencing sexual acts, probably for the first time. The tent party went on for weekend, and the dick fest continued with more daring feats from the boys. I found myself stroking the boys’ dicks, feeling their different sizes, and girth. I was made to suck some of them off.

I sucked John’s dick. He had a fat uncut one, which glided back and forth easily in my small hands. He tried to fuck me once, I was placed on the bed, lying on my back, my legs raised up over his shoulder, spread, and his dick could go inside my butt hole. That was the first time I experienced that position with an older boy.

When John tried to put his dick into my butt, it hurt a lot too, and I cried out, so he stopped and pulled out quickly. That position probably hurt me most from the other ways I had experienced it before.

At night when the boys were asleep, I would pull their shorts down, pull out their dicks, and play with their dicks; I would stroke them, without being asked. Some boys complained that I would not let them sleep. I thought I was merely doing what I had been thought to do, so as to satisfy and please the boys each night, getting at their dicks.

The weeks that followed, after all the boys were no longer around, Tony continued his affair with me. We continued to take showers together, and lay under the blankets on the roll away bed that remained outside. Sometime we just lay naked under the covers, and he would put his dick in my mouth. I did not like doing it that, especially when he pulled the skin on the head of his dick back, and shoved his dick into my mouth, down my throat. I would pull away most of the time; I was not good at kissing his hard dick the way he wanted me to.

One day, a neighbor boy who was about 2 years old than me, came around. He got under the blankets with Tony too, and soon I could hear the boy complain and moan. Tony was behind him at his side, like he would do with me, and I could tell that Tony was doing the same to him too; Tony moved his hips back and forth behind the boy’s butt.

The boy laughed and giggled, and would say, “Ooh, ayy!” at same time.

So I pulled the cover back to see.

I saw Tony Putting his dick into his butt. The boy continued to cry out loud, “Oh, ouch, ay, ay!”

I got jealous that Tony chose that the boy instead of me, the boy at his side enjoying it.

A few days later, I saw the boy’s mother out in the court yard hanging clothes, and I went up to her, and said, “Tony humped your boy under the blankets.”

She did not blink an eye, and did not say a word.

However, the following day, the boy was mad at me that I had ratted on them to his mom. Apparently his mother got upset and confronted him, and so he denied what I said, even though it had truly happened. He feared he would get punished if his mom learned that Tony pulled down his pants under the blankets, and Tony put his dick into his butt; that he liked it at first, but then it hurt a lot when Tony shoved his big dick into his butt hard, that he cried out loud. Tony then stopped.

I agreed, and told him that I liked more when Tony kissed me instead.

One time, while I was under the blanket with Tony, my little sister came over and saw us. She told my mom that she saw me in the bed under the blankets with Tony, and that I had no clothes on. Everything changed after that.

My mom began to yell, and she shook me hard to tell her what went on under the blanket.

My father came home, and when he learned about it too, went frantically crazy; he began to shout and pounded his fists against the wall. He cried and covered his face with his elbows.

I felt scared, with his uproar and anger; I regretted that my sister saw me with Tony, and when she ratted, that started the commotion.

My parents went next door and speak to Tony’s grandmother, who was a very old lady. My father confronted Tony and shouted at him, that he was going to call the police and send him to jail.

Soon, the entire neighbors learned of the incident and neighbors came to our house.

Even John’s parents, the boy with dark complexion and curly hair, that I had sucked, and who had tried to fuck me, came to the house.

Surprisingly, John drove my parents and me in his convertible car to a hospital where a doctor checked me, and it felt almost the same like what the boys did; he pulled down my pants, put some greasy lotion on my butt, spread my ass, and put some cold utensil in my butt, which hurt too. The doctor told my parents I was okay.

My parents did not call the police after all, and after a few weeks, the commotion died down.

Occasionally, my mom would pull me aside, and to ask me to her what the boys would put into my butt; I told her that is was some creamy, white stuff. I guess I did not understand her question, and I could have said that, Tony put his big dick inside my butt, and that John put his big dick there too.

She did not ask me for more details after that time, but I would learn to keep quiet and the other experiences a secret, so not to stir a frantic commotion like the time when my sister told my parents she saw me under the blankets with Tony.

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