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College Days Ch. 05
Saturday. The day started out pretty normal, woke up in bed with Collette, her arms and legs tangled up in my own. I'd been having trouble getting to sleep the last couple of nights because all I could think about was how horny I was laying in bed next to my beautiful sister. Who, by the way, was wearing nothing but panties and one of my dress shirts. One of my legs was wedged between her calves, our bare skin touching. I woke up with a solid hard-on again, driving me crazy. I wanted Collette so bad I could taste it, smell it. I rolled onto my back, Collette close up to me with one hand on my stomach and her breath warming my neck. The clock read 7AM. Saturday morning, no alarm today. The sun was already fighting past the curtains, but it was still a nice twilight within the room.

I wasn't sure whether Jen had noticed Collette and I were sleeping together. Jen spent three evenings in the last week at Tammy's apartment, then arrived home last night well after midnight (I heard the doors opening and closing). She had told me earlier she didn't have any Friday classes until the afternoon, so she was likely planning to sleep in. Unless she peeked her head into my room when she came into the house, or unless Collette had talked to her about it, Jen probably had no clue we had spent the last four nights in the same bed together.

I rolled back to my side, facing Collette. She adjusted with me, but was still breathing heavily, asleep. She moaned softly, but her eyes didn't open. The hand, formerly on my stomach, now lay between us, and I nervously realized it was a mere inch or so from my raging erection. So what? It's not like it hadn't been pressed up hard against her while making out the last few nights, or bumped up against her while sleeping, right? Why would this be any different?

I put my free hand on her leg, which was still draped over my own. The dress-shirt had scrunched up on her during the night and my hand found her bare thigh. The skin was so warm and soft, inviting. I wasn't really trying to make a move on her or anything, I was just... well, I was just fooling myself is what I guess I was doing. I let my hand drift slowly up her thigh and back down again. Smooth, perfectly toned. Here she was fast asleep and I was madly trying to hold back from ripping off her clothes and taking her right there. I wanted her so badly, to feel our naked skin pressed together, our lips locked in a slow, sensual kiss, my hands around her back, her soft, warm, wet flesh covering my...

Gotta snap out of it. We'd talked about this and decided to take things slowly, see what developed. There was still a lingering thought in the back of my mind that this was all crazy, she was my sister after all, and you just don't have sex with your sister. I'd been working really hard lately at shutting that thought out of my head. I wasn't very successful.

As I pondered all of this, or rather wantonly lusted after Collette as she lay there unaware - I realized I'd been moving my hand up and down her thigh without even thinking about it. I was now all the way up to her bare hip. Wait a minute, why is her hip bare? Isn't she wearing any...? Nope. No panties after all. Just my shirt, which wasn't covering anything below her belly button at this point.

Crazy thoughts, swirling around in my head. I should just get up and go take a shower and make coffee or something. Getting a little bolder, I let my hand slowly, softly, drift up her back under her nightgown. Perfectly innocent, right? I'm just doing what we've been doing all week, not going too far, it's just her back after all, right? Collette's breathing changed momentarily, but then went back to her normal sleeping pace. That was a little tense. But why was I worried about her waking up? I'm not doing anything different than before. I let my hand drift to her stomach.

Collette shifted. I felt her hand next to my hip. Her hand was now directly under my raging erect penis. Not touching, but her palm was up... all I'd have to do is just lean over just a little further and... no, have to stop thinking about this. This is not right. My hand drifted along her hip, up her back, around to her side. The curve of her breast under my hand was downright intoxicating. Just a little further...

Back to her stomach again, just below her breasts. Those breasts, those lovely, round, luscious, lickable... Was it the bed moving or did I just lean over a little bit? Her hand hadn't moved, but was now just barely in reach of my cock, the material of my boxer shorts just brushing her fingers. I wanted it so badly.

Scenarios. What would happen if she woke up right now? Would I close my eyes, pretend to be asleep? Not very convincing considering my hand under her shirt... pretty sure that's not an accident that happened in my sleep. What if she woke up and felt my cock in her hand? Would she be shocked? Would she get angry?

How is it that Jen, who had no thoughts of me as a boyfriend or lover when I arrived, had spent a day teaching me to have sex, and Collette, who was suggesting marriage in six years and actually initiated the first real kiss we shared, is wanting to take it so slowly and not sure she's ready to go further with me yet? And if we're not ready to go further, why does she pull me into her bed with her every night? Why does she kiss me so deep and run her hands through my hair? It seemed really backwards. Ok, so this whole thing was pretty screwed up to begin with.

Thinking better of the situation, I slowly pulled my hand back over her side and down her hip and thigh, while I leaned back away from her slightly so that she wouldn't wake up with my penis in her hand. I'd broken out of the trance and was just grateful that she hadn't woken up at the wrong time and ended up in an uncomfortable situation.

Instead, I leaned my head forward and kissed her on the forehead. She was so wonderful and sweet and soft, I was truly in love with Collette. She opened her eyes slowly, then a sweet morning smile came over her lovely lips.

"Good morning," She said, "did you sleep well?"

Hmph. Sleep well, yeah, sure thing, I couldn't take much more of this. "Yeah, you?" I lied.

"I slept wonderfully," Collette cooed, "I can't think of a better way to spend my nights than wrapped up in blankets with my favorite teddy bear...". She leaned into me and gave me a tight hug, inadvertently pressing my erection into her stomach. "Oops," She giggled, "Did I disturb something?"

I smiled back at her, my hand pulling the small of her back in closer to me. "No, nothing disturbing here. I wake up this way all the time, nothing new."

"Well, it's good to know you're healthy," she laughed, releasing her bear hug and stroking my chest with her free hand. "But be honest, are you getting any sleep these last few nights, or just lying awake and feeling horny?"

I was a bit taken about by her forward question, but, then again, this was Collette, I wouldn't expect much less. "It's been really nice sleeping here with you," I said, "but I have to admit I haven't been getting as much sleep as usual."

"Well, I guess tonight we'll just have to fix that, won't we?" She said, not explaining at all. She quickly kissed me on the lips, got up and went to her shower without saying another word. I just lay there speechless, and horny. What did she mean by that?

I wished I could follow her to the shower the way I had done with Jen earlier in the week. Not worth thinking about now, I guess, not the right timing. I got up and went to my own shower to get clean and dressed.

Shower done. I dried off and put on a pair of cut-off jeans and a T-shirt, ran a comb through my hair then walked out of the room to go get some breakfast.

"Good morning!" I called to Jen as I came down the stairs. At first all I'd noticed was the top of her head poking out above the newspaper she had held up in front of her. But as she put down the paper to reply, I was surprised to see that she was actually topless, nothing up top except her glasses. The butterflies in my gut started to flutter.

"Hey, Mark, sleep well?" She asked nonchalantly, as if baring her breasts to me at the breakfast table was the most normal thing in the world. I did my best not to stare and went into the kitchen for my usual: coffee and bagel.

"Yeah," I replied, so distracted by her that I was having trouble forming any thoughts beyond 'wow'. The coffee was already made, so I poured a cup. Got milk from the fridge, added some of that. Started cutting a bagel in half so I could put it in the toaster.

"Are you o.k., Mark?" Jen asked, a hint of humor in her voice.

"Uh, yeah." I said, not turning around, acting as though I was completely mesmerized by the highly complex task cutting a bagel in two. Things were feeling awful tight around my groin. "yeah, slept good." I added awkwardly. I finally got the bagel cut in two somewhat uneven halves, pushed them into the toaster and pulled down the lever.

"Oh, o.k., you just seem a bit distracted." I glanced back. Jen had pulled the paper back up in front of her, but that didn't really help much as my view of her from the kitchen was at a much different angle than the stairs. Apparently she was bottomless as well. Unlike during our experience together last week, Jen was completely shaved between her legs. Figures, I thought, Jen was neat and tidy regarding just about everything, not surprising that she'd shave below the equator. Her lips were slightly puffy, but closed neatly together between Jen's legs, which were slightly open, most likely on purpose. If I was distracted before, my mind was now quickly going completely numb. I forced myself to turn back to the task at hand.

In robotic fashion, I took a tub of cream cheese from the fridge and got a knife from the drawer. Nothing more to do but wait for the bagel to toast, I faced forward like a statue and concentrated as hard as I could on taking a sip of coffee, trying desperately to think of anything but my naked sister sitting at the breakfast table. Think of anything besides her smooth, slightly tan skin; or the way her nipples stood out proudly from her small breasts in the chill morning air; or the way it felt to have them in my hands, run my tongue along them, kiss her lips... For Pete's sake, when will that stupid bagel pop up?

The seconds ticked away in slow motion as I continued to wait.

Jen had gone back to reading the paper.

Silence. Long, painful, unbearable silence.

Finally the toaster popped. I nearly hit the ceiling. Gathering what was left of my tattered senses, I picked the hot bagel out of the toaster and spread the cream cheese. Bagel goes on a napkin, cheese goes back in the fridge. The moment had come. I had nothing more to do in the kitchen. A normal person at this point would pick up the bagel and coffee and go sit down at the table, maybe ask for a section of the newspaper, talk about the weather or the latest news. I was frozen. My penis was rock hard. My mind was numb.

I couldn't help but wonder why I felt this way. It's not like I hadn't seen Jen naked several times since I came to live here. It's not like I hadn't actually touched that body, held it close to me, explored every inch on that glorious day last weekend. What the heck was wrong with me? In love? Well sure I was in love, but why the butterfly episodes after a full week?

"Huh," Jen grunted, "they found a dead giant squid off the coast of California."

"Huh." I repeated, I felt like swooning just at the sound of her voice. Sweet and refreshing like summer rain.

"I guess it has tentacles as thick as your leg."

"Mmm-hmm." Translation: I love you and I want to spend my life with you, but I love Collette, too, do you mind if we just live together like this forever? Have to get back to reality...

"Completely dead and stiff. Must have seen it's sister naked at the breakfast table or something." My stomach literally jumped in my gut, my cheeks were burning hot. Jen immediately burst with laughter.

"Uh, maybe so." I laughed with her. I picked up the bagel and the cup of coffee and made my way over to the table. The ice was finally broken.

Jenny laughed and pulled the paper over herself, covering her naked body with the daily news. "Does this help?"

"I guess I'm just not used to seeing you buck naked at the table." I smiled.

"Hey, remember our deal?" She smiled, "I can walk around the house naked, and you can stare all you like." Jen lifted the newspaper and place it on the table, then spread her hands to either side, "Well here I am, naked as the day I was born, stare away!"

I was indeed staring at her breasts. I swallowed hard. "Yeah, I guess we did say that," I laughed back at her, taking a bite of my bagel.

"So..." Jen said, evidently waiting for something.

"So... what?" I asked, managing to look up at her angelic face. Her eyes looked back at me, her lips puckered expectantly. "Oh, that!" I said. I stood up from the table and took a step toward her, then leaned over and took Jen's cheeks in my hands, then placed a big kiss on her mouth. "Is that what you're waiting for?"

"It's about time, I went 10 whole minutes after you came down the stairs without a good morning kiss!" Jen teased, then continued, "And on my Birthday, no less!"

Birthday? Oh crap, I'd been so preoccupied with Jen's naked body that I'd completely forgotten.

"My gosh! I almost forgot!" I said, "Happy birthday, sis." Then, grinning a bit, "You should bend over so I can spank you!"

"I'm sure you'd like that, maybe we'll save it for later, though!" Jen said. I sat back down and resumed eating my bagel.

Collette finally appeared walking down the stairs, breaking my concentration on Jen's perfectly shaped breasts. "Good morning, sis!" She said as if nothing was unusual, "happy birthday, I see you've dressed appropriately!"

Collete was wearing a flower print sundress with spaghetti straps and no shoes, her hair was tied in a pony tail behind her head. She was exceptionally beautiful, as usual, but at least she was dressed. Holy smokes, I thought, I'm completely helpless around either of them. Time to man up and open a jar for someone or fix a drain...

"Thank you, sis!" Jen replied back to Collette, who poured herself a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee before joining us at the table. I took a random section of the newspaper from the table and started reading any article that happened to be in front of my eyes as I continued eating.

"What kind of cake do you want?" Collette asked, picking up a spoonful that health-nut cereal she was addicted to.

"Hmmm... I don't know..." Jen said slowly, then, touching my bicep, "I'm thinking maybe Mark here will make me that chocolate fudge cake he used to make... with the ganache frosting?"

I looked up, pleased that Jen was touching my arm, "Anything for the birthday girl," I said, "Chocolate fudge cake with Ganache it is!"

We made some more minor plans for the day and finished up our breakfast. I never did get to the point of feeling totally comfortable about Jen sitting there naked, but I managed to ignore it long enough to eat and have a pleasant conversation. The urgent need to grab Jen and kiss her thoroughly was still there, but less intense.

Collette and I went into town to buy groceries and things for the party. We were out for a few hours, and then returned around 11:30 in the morning to start preparations for celebrating Jen's birthday. Jen and Tammy were both out in the back sunning by the pool together. Of course, both of them were naked, just like the first day I arrived. I had a difficult time staying focused on baking a cake while Collette mixed margaritas from scratch... I kept glancing out the glass doors to the patio to look at the naked beauties in the back yard.

"Best keep your eyes on your task, buddy," Collette joked, "you're liable to screw up that cake if you don't pay attention to what you're doing."

"Sorry," I said, "it's really hard to concentrate with all they eye candy through the window." I went back to putting flour into the mixing bowl.

"Yeah, I can tell," she laughed, grabbing the hand that I was about to dump flour into the bowl with, "you're supposed to mix the wet ingredients before you put that in the bowl..."

"Oops! Sorry."

I managed to get the cake mixed up correctly, then buttered and floured the pans. I was about to pour the batter into the pans when Collette came back over to me, fresh from having finished with the margarita mix she was making.

"Wait a minute," she said, "I want a taste." I dipped my finger in the bowl and put it in my mouth.

"Tastes pretty good," I grinned mischievously, "now you know, so you won't have to taste it! Think of all the extra calories I saved you from!"

"Yeah, right, move over!" She said, trying to get to the bowl. I grabbed it and ran through the kitchen, keeping it away from her. "Get back here, you terd!" She yelled.

I stuck my finger in the bowl and pulled out a big blob of batter, "o.k., come and get it," I said.

Collette walked up to me and put her mouth on my finger, licking the batter off. "Mmm..." she moaned over my finger as she tasted the chocolate, "that's really good." That felt really good, I thought. I leaned in and kissed her. Our tongues intertwined for a moment with the chocolate batter, but we didn't get very close because the mixing bowl was between us. Still, I relished the feeling of our mouths and tongues together.

"Okay, you little sneaker, let's get that thing in the oven."

I went back over to the pans and poured the batter, then placed them in the oven and set the timer. Collette put her margarita mix into the fridge, then came over and embraced me. "You are such a nerd," she said, then kissed me, her hands around the back of my head pulling me closer. We stood there for a few minutes, kissing in the middle of the kitchen until the door opened. Jen and Tammy walked into the house wearing terry cloth robes.

"Hmmmm... and I thought the only thing baking in here was a cake!" Jen said sarcastically.

Collette broke our kiss, then puckered and smacked my lips three more times before releasing me and stepping back. I looked over at Jen and Tammy, both smiling at us, "Hey," I said, "the cake's in the oven, nothing to worry about."

"O.k., well Tammy and I are going to go out shopping for a few hours, what time should we be back for dinner?" Jen asked.

"Why don't you pick up some pizza while you're out?" Collette said.

"That sounds good, we'll be back by 6:30 or 7." Jen and Tammy went upstairs to get dressed, then left the house.

"So," Collette said after they had closed the door behind them, "cake's in the oven and margaritas are ready for tonight. It's only 1PM and we have four or five hours to kill. What do you want to do?"

Actually, I thought to myself, I want us to get naked and examine every inch of each other's bodies with our tongues. Yeah, right. Like I'd ever actually say that. "I dunno, could catch a show, take a walk... actually," I said, thinking of what would distract me from the obvious thing I wanted to do, "I wouldn't mind going for a run, want to join me?" Figured it would take my mind off of all the... butterflies.

"Yeah, sure," Collette replied, "like I'm going to keep up with you on a run, I think you might have me mistaken for Jen! You'll have to do that on your own!"

"You could always come with me and ride your bike along side?" I said.

Collette gave in, "O.k., that will work, let me go upstairs and change into something more appropriate, first."

Collette and I both went up the stairs, I let her go first, just so I could watch her walk up the stairs. I was hopeless. We went to our separate rooms, I traded my cutoffs for a pair of running shorts, then went down the stairs to put on my shoes. I pulled the cake out of the oven and set it to cool just before we left the house.
Collette came out through the garage with her bike and met me out front while I was stretching. She'd changed out of her flower print dress and was now in a pair of tan cargo shorts and a navy t-shirt.

"Ready to go?" I asked, starting to jog out to the street.

Collette closed the garage and got on her bike, then pedaled to catch up with me. I ran for a few miles with Collette by my side on her bike. It was a warm, cloudy day, with a nice breeze, a perfect day for running. We ended up on the south-west side of town at a park called People's Pond, where I slowed down to a walk. Collette dismounted her bicycle and walked it beside me while we talked.

"So it's been over a week now, how do you like the new digs?" Collette asked.

I glanced over at her and smiled, "Well, the house is nice, I always kind of envisioned you living in an apartment or something, isn't that where you're supposed to live in a college town?"

"Only if you're one of the starving students!" She replied, "Those of us making an income actually prefer to have something nicer, believe it or not!"

"Yeah, I suppose."

"So... how are you doing with the... living arrangements." She emphasized the last two words.

"You mean sleeping in your bed, making out with my sisters, and seeing naked women almost every day? Are those the living arrangements you're referring to?" I grinned.

"That pretty much sums it up," Collette said, "I know you weren't terribly comfortable about it all at first, and you were visibly distracted at breakfast this morning..."

"Kind of hard not to get... distracted from time to time." I said, "I'm not really used to this sort of thing, and I was a virgin before I got here."

"Well, that answers one question I had." Collette smiled.

I stopped and turned to face her, "I thought..." my cheeks were warming up again, "I thought you and Jen had talked about..."

"About sex?" Collette laughed, "yes, we talked about the possibility, but I didn't really follow up with Jen about it after that, I wasn't really sure."

I was a bit dumbstruck, as usual. "So... what do you think about that?" I asked, wondering if my relationship with Collette was about to take a dive.

Collette leaned her bike against a tree. We'd been walking down a trail next to the Yakima river and were pretty deep in the woods by now, no one else around. She took a step toward me and put a hand on each side of my waist, then stood on her toes and drew her face to mine. In a low voice, just as our lips touched, she said "Does this answer your question?" Her tongue ran slowly across my lower lip before sliding into my mouth. We stood there for what seemed like an eternity, just kissing and drinking in the taste of each other until we heard voices coming down the trail. We quickly broke away and started walking again.

"Yep," I said with a wide grin as we walked further down the path, "that pretty much answers my question."

"Any more questions?" Collette said with an impish smile, "I'd be glad to answer them for you." Her hand drifted stealthily down behind me and pinched my butt. I'm sure she was satisfied when I jumped about ten feet in the air.

Laughing, I replied, "Well, I do have more questions."

"O.k.," she said more seriously, "shoot."

"Let me just be really blunt," my cheeks were warming up again, why was it so hard to talk about this stuff? "I'm living in a house with my two sisters. Not blood related, we covered that. And both of them seem to be pretty interested in me, and not just in a brother-sister kind of way. I've been sleeping in your bed for most of a week, and I had sex with Jen last Sunday afternoon."

"Yes, I'm with you." Collette said, prodding.

"So my first question is this: are you both o.k. with this? In most relationships, one or both of you would be screaming at me and slapping me silly by now, just before you tossed all my stuff out the second story window and kicked my butt out of the..."

"O.k., o.k...." Collette interrupted my blabbering, "I understand. But what you have to understand is that this isn't like other relationships. Sure, I want you all to myself. And I might be a wee-bit jealous that Jen slept with you, I mean, you and I are already engaged!" Collette turned her head to me with a wining smile. I just chuckled. "But Mark, Jen is the closest friend I've ever had. We're sisters, and we get into our little fights once in a while, but I love her, and I love you, and how could I get insanely mad and upset that you two slept together, especially after I actually told her it was o.k. with me? So the answer is, yes, I'm o.k. with the way things are right now, and I'm pretty sure Jen doesn't have any misgivings about it, either." Collette grabbed my hand and held it as we walked, "Besides," She murmured affectionately, "you're going to marry me!"

"Uh, Collette, that was if we hadn't found anyone else in six years. Don't you think that's a bit premature?" I asked, grinning back at her.

"Oh, you are. If you think I'm going to let someone else get you at this point, you're crazy!" She squeezed my hand.

"Ok, ok, I won't argue with that. You've got me sleeping in your bed every night, close enough." I gave her a quick peck on the cheek. "Next question, which you probably already think you've answered, but in all seriousness: where do we go from here? Is this going to continue? And if it does, what are we telling the parents?"

Collette just laughed, "That's three questions and I think you worry too much! Where do we go from here? I don't know, I think we just see where it leads us. Is this going to continue? I hope so, I'd be crushed if you left me. And what are we telling the parents? Nothing for now. We can tell them in six years when we get married and start making babies!"

"Ok, I think that's about all I can handle in the way of answers for now." I said, "I think you're getting a little ahead of me here, especially with the 'babies' thing!"

"Oh, you're going to give me beautiful babies someday, Mark!" I was pretty sure Collette was joking, but she has this way about her. She'll say things as though she means them, just to get a reaction out of someone. I figured this must have been one of those times, and let it go at that. Would I like to marry Collette someday? Sure, couldn't think of a better person. Was I ready to make a commitment to it now?

We moved on to less personal subjects and came out from the trail to the parking lot after a few more minutes. Collette got back on her bike, and I started running again. By the time we got back to the house, 2 hours had passed and I was covered in sweat.

I went up and took another quick shower while Collette busied herself getting ready for the birthday celebration. By the time I came back down the stairs, she had balloons lining the stairs and streamers hanging across the ceiling over the kitchen table. I helped her with the last few, then we sat at the table and talked while I frosted the cake.

We must have talked for another hour before Jennifer and Tammy came in through the front door carrying various bags from their shopping trip.

"It's about time," Collette teased, "we were about to just eat this cake without you!"

"If you'd done that, we wouldn't have shared any pizza with you," Jen laughed, putting her bags down in the hallway. Tammy and Jen walked into the kitchen and put two boxes of pizza on the counter. "So are you ready for something to eat?" Jen asked.

Collette pulled the margarita mix she'd made out of the fridge and poured us all a glass, then we all sat around the table eating really good pizza and drinking a lot of margaritas. Soon the margaritas were completely gone and we were all nicely buzzed from the alcohol. The girls were all laughing and chatting away at the table.

"Hey, we need some more drinks over here," Jen called over to me, holding up her half-full glass and sloppily spilling some of it over the pizza, "oopsie!" she cried. "I guess I'll have to eat that piece myself!" She picked it up and put it on her plate.

"You're not supposed to be a slob on your birthday, you know." Tammy elbowed her in the ribs, "besides, your brother might want another piece, right Mark?"

"It's o.k., I've had enough," I said, "I'll mix up some more drinks, this day I live only to serve my dear, sweet, drunk sister." I said.

Jen stood up unsteadily from the table, "Oh, my strong, handsome, sloshy hero," she crooned, "Let me come to you, and we will make sweet, sweet musical drinks together!" Jen caught her balance and walked behind the bar into the kitchen area where I was gathering the ingredients together.

"Oh yes, my love," I kept on with our play acting, speaking boldly and crisp on each syllable, "come to me and I'll show you the fine art of blended drinks, then I will fill you with booze until morning." Way too many old movies in our past...

"Oh yes, your arms," she replied in kind, "hold me in your arms, darling, and I will be safe from all those who try to threaten our love."

"Oh God." Collete said toward Tammy at the table, "this could go on all night if we don't get them to sober up a bit." Tammy was laughing and looked over at Collete.

"Oh I don't know, I think it's kind of cute, 'course, I've had a few myself, so maybe not judging the theater very well right now!"

"Yes, into my arms, sweet, sweet, princess," I called as Jen feigned a swoon and fell backward into my arms. I caught her and turned her around, holding her to my chest. While we were just joking, I couldn't help but notice how much I really did like holding Jen close to me.

"Kiss me, my love." Jen cried, "Kiss me and we'll drink of love until morning..."

Then, very much to my surprise, she did just that, right in front of Collette and Tammy. She put her hands on each side of my head and pulled my face down to her, pressing her lips to my own. I thought she was just going on with our normal play acting and figured I'd go along with it, then I felt her mouth open against mine and her tongue slide over my lips.

I wasn't really sure how to react. On the one hand, Jen and I had been very intimate together in the last week, so it wasn't all that strange to have her kiss me. But on the other, her... girlfriend?... was sitting right across the room from us and watching. Did Tammy have any idea that Jen and I had kissed before? Did Jen tell her that we'd slept together? I wasn't much of an expert on these sort of relationships, but I was pretty sure that normally the significant other might be a bit jealous at seeing her girlfriend do this sort of thing with someone else, and might think it's even worse because I'm her brother. Then again, Jen had told me that they weren't necessarily an exclusive couple. Maybe she was o.k. with it?

All this went through my head in a split second, then I decided, the hell with it, and opened my mouth to hers, kissing her back. It was one of the more exciting kisses I'd ever had. The knowledge that her girlfriend was right there watching us. That my other sister was also right there watching us, I could hardly believe it was happening.

Jen, always the wild one, didn't seem to notice any of this, she was still play acting, just taking it a step further than normal. "Now, my love," she said as she broke the kiss and emphatically wiped her mouth with her arm, making a show of it, "the drinks, let us mix them together and taste the sweet nectar of booze once more!"

I laughed. Jen laughed. Collette laughed. And much to my relief, Tammy laughed too, in fact was laughing so hard she nearly fell off her chair. I guess we're o.k., then, I thought.

Jen and I kept playing with each other as we made the drinks. She quickly slapped my butt as I leaned into the fridge to get the limes, I squirted her with lime juice as we cut them up, she then stole a kiss as we scooped ice into the blender and hit the puree button. Jen was wearing a print dress with thin straps over her shoulders which were now falling off, one strap had completely fallen off, and as she bent over to lean on the counter and study the ice being crushed in the blender, I noticed her small breasts were nearly in full view. Good thing I've got cutoff jeans on instead of a swimsuit, I thought.

We came back to the table with the drinks and I lit up the candles on the cake to sing the birthday song. Even being quite drunk, Jen was able to blow the candles out without setting herself on fire. That was a relief!

Collette brought out the presents while Tammy and I served the cake and ice cream, and we actually had a rather peaceful time eating dessert while Jen opened her gifts.

Collette had bought her a bracelet and a toiletry package full of lotions and soaps and various other things I had no idea about. Tammy gave her a new dress and other bits of clothing. Jen finally got to my present, I was really hoping she'd like it.

"Oh my gosh, Mark, where did you find this?" Jen said as she pulled from the box a leatherbound copy of the works of Shakespeare.

"The internet is a wonderful thing." I replied. I knew Jen would appreciate this as she was a sucker for old books and was deeply involved in reading and re-reading classic works. She actually started tearing up.

"I can't believe you found this," she said, beaming, "this is so thoughtful."

"You're welcome," I said, "I knew you'd like it." Jen came around the table and gave me a big hug, then turned toward the other two at the table.

"Well, I don't know about you guys," she said, "But I'm going to go out and get in the hot tub, anyone with me?"

We all agreed. It was, after all, her birthday, so we would do pretty much whatever she wanted. Collette and I both went up the stairs to get our suits on. I went into the bathroom attached to my bedroom and grabbed the suit from where it was hanging on a towel rack, then pulled off my clothes and was about to pull on my shorts when Collette walked in through the door to my bedroom.

"Ah, hello there..." I said nervously, suddenly much more aware of how naked I was.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't think you'd be naked in here..." Collette smiled, but didn't turn away. Instead, she walked up to me and put her arms around my neck. "I just wanted to give you something before we go out there..."

Collette pulled my lips down to hers and slowly, passionately kissed me. It was only a matter of seconds before I was rock hard again and there was no way to hide the rod poking into her stomach through her T-shirt. She didn't seem to mind. Her hands moved from my neck and found their way around my bare back, stroking the muscles as her tongue searched every crevice of my mouth, her lips were hot against my own, probably from all the drinking, her whole body seemed warm and inviting. I stroked my hands along her shoulders and neck as she continued, her hands moving slowly but surely down the length of my back.

As her hands reached my lower back, she moved her head to the side and started kissing my neck, sending electric waves up my spine. Her hands fell even lower, lightly gliding her fingernails along the contours of my ass, then slowly letting her hands drift around my hips to my stomach. I thought I might lose it then and there. Her fingers drifted slowly down to my pelvis, just brushing the edges of my pubic hair while she continued running her tongue along my neck. Suddenly she stopped, pulled back and looked up into my eyes.

"Just something for you to think about for later..." she smiled, then turned and walked out of the bathroom.

I was speechless. One the one hand, I was overcome with desire for Collette; I wanted to grab her and rip off all of her clothes, throw her to the floor and take her right there. On the other, even though we'd been sleeping in the same bed together, we hadn't yet been completely and openly intimate with each other. I was shocked that she had come into the bathroom, ignored that I was naked, and... and what? And teased the hell out of me? It was a bit frustrating, but she had mentioned something about later. What was that about? I was more confused than ever, and the copious amounts of alcohol I'd consumed weren't helping any.

I went ahead and finished what I'd started, put my suit on, did a few jumping jacks just to get the equipment back to a normal state, then went downstairs and out the back door.

Jen and Tammy had both draped their robes over the chairs by the table on the porch and were sitting in the hot tub wearing bikinis. Tammy had an arm around Jen. Jen had a hand on Tammy's thigh... my brain was getting very, very cloudy again...

"What took you so long, Mark? Did Collette jump you up there?" Jen teased as I came through the door. I was at a loss for words, she had nailed it on the head and I must have been turning five shades of red. "Oh my gosh, she did, didn't she!" Jen laughed, "gotta tell that girl to keep her hands off my little brother!"

"Be nice, Jen, he looks like a deer in the headlights, you don't want him to run off, do you?" Tammy said, half joking, half scolding.

"Sorry, Mark, I didn't mean to embarrass you." Jen was still being a bit sarcastic, but I was quickly regaining my senses. "Why don't you come join us and I'll promise to be nice..." A grin was creeping up her face as she said this, it made me wonder what she really meant by 'nice'.

"Uh, yeah, sure." was all I said, and stepped into the hot-tub. Now for the real trial... both girls were beautiful, as always, and I couldn't help but wonder if those swimsuits would stay on them very long. Got to keep my eyes up... I kept thinking to myself, but it was a pretty difficult task, all things considered.

"Well it's about time!" Jen said as Collette stepped out of the house. She held a towel and was wearing a black bikini. "I was beginning to think you got lost up there, have trouble finding your clothes?"

"Nope, just finding the perfect suit to wear on my favorite sister's birthday!" Collette stepped into the water and sat down next to me. She gave me a look, then took my arm and pulled it around her shoulders and snuggled up next to me. The feeling of her large breast pressing into my side coupled with her hand on my knee, plus the fact that there were two hot, nearly naked women in front of me was just too much for my poor libido to take. My shorts were quickly a tent with a very strong pole riding up the middle.

Collette's hand stroked my thigh, and I was bursting to tear her bikini off and throw myself at her, but with Jen and Tammy in front of us, even with the booze I'd consumed, I still hadn't quite lost all inhibition.

"I really don't see why you two are wearing suits anyway," Jen said, "you do know you're supposed to wear your birthday suit to a birthday party, don't you?"

"Yeah... not sure I've had that much to drink yet!" Collette replied, laughing.

"Oh, well by all means, have another drink!" I said, laughing along with them.

"Here, let me help you." Tammy smiled, then got up out of the hot tub, bending over as she did so and displaying a fantastic view of her backside. I watched intently as she gracefully stepped over the side of the tub. Tammy walked over to the table, her breasts gently swaying as she moved, and started to pour tequila into plastic cups.

"So I guess you think she's pretty good looking, too?" Jennifer smiled, scooting herself across the tub and sitting in my lap. Jen stretched her legs out and let them rest across Collette's lap. She put her left arm around my shoulders and on top of Collette's arm which was already there, then pulled my ear to her lips with her right hand. I was painfully aware of her breast pressing into my chest, and my hard member poking up through my swimsuit into her thigh.

"I have a secret to tell you," she whispered, her breath hot on my ear, "Tammy likes you a lot, I think she wants you." Jen briefly nibbled my ear, then moved off my lap and went back to her spot in the hot tub just as Tammy arrived with the drinks on a tray.
My cheeks were flushed red, but fortunately that wasn't so abnormal while sitting in a hot-tub. We each took our drinks, then I stared blatantly again as Tammy got back into the hot tub, sitting a bit closer to me than before, but still cuddled up next to Jen.

Jen giggled, "Tammy, I think he likes you!" Now I was really blushing, why would she say that when we were all sitting right there? I couldn't think of anything to say in return, so just remained quiet.

"Jen, you are so mean," Tammy smiled, pulling a wisp of reddish hair from her face and tucking it behind her ear, "did you ever hear of a little thing known as discretion?"

"Discretion? What's that?" Jen asked sarcastically as she took a long drink from her cup.

Everyone laughed, albeit my laughter was more of the nervous kind, but that seemed to have broken the ice a bit. We sat there in the hot tub for about 20 minutes longer, just talking and enjoying each other's company. By that time we were all pretty looped. Collette had her head on my shoulder and had not said anything for about five minutes.

"I think we lost one," Jen said, nodding to Collette, "she just fell asleep on your shoulder." I looked down and, sure enough, Collette's eyes were closed and she was breathing slowly. I guess the liquor had caught up with her. "Mark, why don't you take her up and put her to bed, then come back down and hang out with us?"

I agreed and proceeded to nudge Collette awake. She was pretty far gone and needed my help to get out of the hot tub. I wrapped a large towel around her, then quickly dried myself off before leading her into the house and up the stairs to her room. She leaned on me all the way up the stairs and it was clear by the time we got there that if I didn't undress her and put her in bed myself, she was going to be sleeping in a wet bikini.

I did my best to be a gentleman about it. She laid down on the bed in her towel and had already closed her eyes by the time I found an oversized T-shirt in her drawer for her to sleep in. I helped her sit up, then unwrapped her towel and untied her bikini top, tossing it onto the towel. Needless to say, it was difficult not to gawk at her perfectly formed breasts while I tried to pull the T-shirt over her head and get her arms through the right holes. I knew she wouldn't mind, but I was a bit timid about it all the same.

I pulled back the covers and laid her down on the sheets, then reached around her hips and removed her bikini bottoms, making sure the shirt kept her covered the whole time. Even though I knew she wouldn't remember any of this, and I had seen it all before, it just didn't seem right to take advantage of the situation, as much as I wanted to.

Having got Collette into bed, I hung up her bikini and the towel in her bathroom and then turned out the light as I left and closed the door. So much for whatever the plans were she had alluded to earlier that evening in the bathroom.
Author's Note: I know I have been asking you readers about what I should do after I finish this series. But just because I'm doing that doesn't mean this series is over. I REPEAT THIS SERIES IS NOT OVER. But I want to do my other stories before I do the fire, ice lightning story. That is because with the other stories they will only like four chapters longs or less. But that one is gonna be pretty long. It's gonna involve betrayal, lust, love, time travel, police brutality that actually happened, marriage, kids, losing virginity, teens growing up, dark egos, street racing, death, revenge. Also I'm influenced by lots of stories with this one and you will clearly tell when. Also if you guys have any ideas on what should happen let me know. Thanks for reading. Also BTW these kids are gonna be heavy metal fans, like Sabbath, Venom, Discharge, Sepultura (Only with Max.)

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