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-Swearing is ALLOWED to discuss, as long it doesn't result in an argument (NOT directed toward me or anybody else). However, profanity bashes are NOT welcome to the channel. These includes not to swear and watch my language. Those result in an automatic block since it not tolerated to have against freedom of speech and since I'm an adult as well. Also I don't accept censored words (such as f**k) because it feels like you are censoring yourself.

-Where's the previews on 4K Ultra HD? (answer: studios does not include that in order to take advantage of the overall bitrate for the 4K disc. Sony is the one who does that)
-Where's the (certain trailer/promo)? (answer: don't ask me. That how they encoded the release)

-Why do you never response for your "certain thing" opinions? (answer: this would be cause by a tedious response. Also in movie trailers, no opinion about it)

-Why is the certain opening blocked non-United States? (answer: that is how the copyright ID caused by the original copyright owners of the certain film. They always screwed me up because of a detected "REFERENCE Full Movie Master" caused by the opening logos of the film (or worse detected by a commercial/promo of the certain film. As long it doesn't block an opening in the US, I leave it as it goes).

-About "Can you unblock me?" video responses; answer: the reason why you got blocked because:
You pester me to do a certain action
You broke the simple rules
Excuses tedious questions (I have a Letterboxd opinion of the films you know)

That because my channel is strict and not repeating the same mistake as before. It an automatic apology denied because it pisses me off for doing annoying actions to me. It your fault for the single screw up in a STRICTED opening channel.

-Do you accept political, discrimination, sexual/porn acts, racial and religious comments in your videos? (answer: NO. Ta;king politics, racism and religious (in real life) will result in an argument between each user and I never accept that (despite the fact I seen movies acting like this). There one comment related to politics and that it (leaving as it is, no replying to prevent argument). No more comments after this one. Either way, I will NEVER tolerate these discussions at all.

-You can dislike the videos if you want and that it. I don't care about it. However if you comment such as "I hate this video" or "This video sucks", you broke the rule into a blocked situation.

-"I like this video", "Loved it" or any of the "liked" comments instead of actually rating them. (There is the like/dislike button for god sake. If you got caught by that, your comment will be removed AND blocked for breaking them.)

-(USERS) Videos: Forcing me to unblock you, argument, rants; I don't give a damn about it. There the reason why I never make them in the first place. Read the third line about the reason why I did this to yo

-Can you do (a certain opening)? NO requests, or I will block you. No exceptions. Since I have a live outside of YouTube, this makes sense since they are not the only ones I have to do in my life. To make it more fair for rule breakers, I give them ONE warning about it. However, breaking again by the same user will result in a blocked situation.

-Do you have opinions on the movies you have? See: mostly because I hate having to ask repetitive answers about the certain movie opinions.

-Why do you get into 4K Ultra HD? (answer: Two words: Dolby Atmos. I have a home theater system with an Atmos theater setup (not telling the channels I have for personal reasons) and Dolby Atmos for Headphones (only for solo viewing). Atmos in home theater and movie theater (including Dolby Cinema) changes the way I watched movies and TV shows forever)

-You have a multi-region Blu-ray player? You know for region B and/or C locked content? (answer: Yes. VLC player and OpenCloner. And a UHD driver called Pioneer BDR-XD07J-UHD, but not showing an image for personal reasons.)

-"Subscribe to me" or "You deserved subscribers" (It a spam and pester me for subscribing to me. I can subscribe whatever the hell I want which is my choice IF I enjoyed their videos. Saying once equals a block. No second chance or expectations)

-"Previews on a/an (certain format disc)? (Orders exist for what the previews featured on the disc. The only exception is the Paramount Blu-ray releases where most releases does not have previews on them, and Warner Bros.' limited selection. Sony has 4K disc previews, again with limited selection. There one user asked me one question about it and neither he/she didn't see the trailer/promo text nor briefly skim thought the opening video. I did warned one user about it. However, saying even once is definitely an automatic block.

The thing I don't mind is asking previews not on the related format (again Paramount-related Blu-ray openings when discussing DVD previews, Sony Pictures 4K openings when discussing Blu-ray/DVD previews not inherit to the 4K disc).

-"Disney Atmouse?" You saying it a parody right? (It actually a nickname of poorly optimized Dolby Atmos mix. This includes increasing the volume higher than expected, sounds compressed despite in a "lossless" environment due to cramped and muffled, and underutilized height channels (due to muted and low on detail). Avengers: Age of Ultron Blu-ray release in DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 falls into the first victim due to the lack of consistent bass, its weedy score and its generally muffled, flat, undynamic sound. Unfortunately, Disney is the victim of that due to limited range audio compare to other studios mixing their audio. However for some strange reason, Sony also has that as well for their IMAX Enhanced releases (Charlie's Angels (2019), The Angry Birds Movie 2) and Spider-Man: Far From Home for how they managed to screw up, compare to other 4K releases (especially Homecoming and Into the Spider-Verse). Disney needs to mix their movies comparable to the audio experts such as Universal, Lionsgate, Warner Bros. and Paramount)

-With MGM having conflict in Home Entertainment deals between Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (2005-2006 except few co-production films such as 21/22 Jump Street, The Magnificent Seven (2016))) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (until June 2020), Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (Creed, Tomb Raider (2018), Every Day, Gretel & Hansel (2020)), and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (starting with Operation Finale):

Do you say anything when replace that to Disney, Lionsgate and Paramount having deals with MGM catalog titles? (no opinion about it. Paramount only has the physical rights of Ben-Hur (2016), Hot Tub Time Machine 2 and Hercules (2014). For the looks of former twos, no idea. Neither of them made the decision).

-Why do you put "not for kids" settings on all your videos? (because of YouTube's COPPA rules, I decide that under 13 years shouldn't watch anything on it for the consequences result. Movies as G and PG forced to put a thumbnail said the rules about it.)

-What happen to the sounds final seconds of Zombieland: Double Tap trailer? (in 20 seconds when the trailer about to end, Sony Pictures themselves forgot to claim the entire trailer itself cause a copyrighted song Shoot to Thrill by AC/DC (SME On behalf of: Epic) to block an entire opening instead of muting them. This pisses me off which is the same occurred as I used to include an anime trailer featured a copyrighted song playing (NEVER dispute a strict Japanese company as I learned my lesson) and Isn't it Romantic opening logos (Oh, Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison). I don't care if they claimed a trailer because that their copyrighted stuff the studios are doing. For the copyrighted song playing in it when a studio forgot to claim it cause a copyrighted song owner decide that, it a different story.)

-Can you add subtitles? (No. Most of the opening users doesn't add manual subtitles to their opening videos. Sorry!)

-You spammed against 20th Century Studios and Searchlight Pictures. Why? (Disney made awful business decision shows they shouldn't done it in the first place. For what I'm thinking right know, I'm PISSED OFF for what they doing for now. This makes the Tom Rothman era (1994-2015) looks superior to how Disney is handing. It this how they treat the next Touchstone Pictures like awful, other than Disney+ and Hulu!?)

-Forced to pester other opening users: HELL NO. Unlike the one warning to block when another attempt for sending me requests, I'm AGAINST this one BIG TIME because:
-you forced me to spam them (thankfully never did). Why the fuck would I do that!?
-I can PISS opening users off even and worse for their opening channel lives (I never do)
-THIS is the reason why most opening users has a NO REQUEST policy (the truth about it)

Do you have permission to take you capture recording? (As long you credit my channel's name, I fine with that, especially if I close my account).

About the trivial stuff: there the reason why I filtered as every comment you sent as "Held for review". It to prevent reputation spammed as those comments.

You hate PG/PG-13 rated horror movies do you think? (Not all of them. The one I do enjoyed includes Jaws, Coraline, Lights Out, A Quiet Place, The Ring, Tremors, The Shallows, Poltergeist (the original 1982), Ouija: Origin of Evil, and few other mentions. Most of them sucked however due to the acting, the off-screen killing, not often atmosphere and scares cause the reason why they are not good enough for it.)

Where the (certain title, year, format) direct capture opening? (I try my best to do them, especially the older ones on my previous three opening channels I used to have. The no pester nor requests still applies as I hate having to deal with the situation like this. My channel, my rules. Period.)

What is your opening channels history?
-BluPreviewGuy4756/ LionsgateFan4756/ActionMovieWatcherGuy (May 8, 2016-September 8, 2018) Closed due to two copyright strikes from Previews from My Life as a Zucchini 2017 DVD (due to Studio Ghibli Inc. in the copyrighted song playing during the trailer of Miss Hokusai) and Opening to Live by Night 2017 DVD (due to false strike by Anna Akana and not by Warner Bros. Entertainment, the owners of this film). I learned by lesson NOT to dispute a Japanese Company that cause the problem (which is why I decide to reduce the amount of anime openings I'm doing in the future), while the latter is shouldn't done a false claim NOT by the original copyright owner.

-MovTVieG Openings/PhysDigiCollect's Corner Openings (1st attempt, June 17, 2018-October 5, 2019) Closed because of COPPA announcement

-PhysDigiCollect's Corner Openings (2nd attempt, November 26, 2019-January 6, 2020) Closed because of COPPA situation despite making PG-13 to R rated only ones

-PhyDigColl's Corner Openings (April 12, 2020-present)

-Can you set G/PG rated and kids material openings as for kids? (even for these ratings, I set them as NOT FOR KIDS because otherwise that will disable the followings as the link I show you: )

The COPAA change shows no freedom of speech if set as FOR KIDS. I purposely did that to prevent auto set as FOR KIDS setting as you shown on the thumbnail. COPAA is the blame of all their mess forcing them to put this awful feature. This alone is the reason why I closed my MovTVieG Openings/PhysDigiCollect's Corner Openings (1st attempt, June 17, 2018-October 5, 2019) and PhysDigiCollect's Corner Openings (2nd attempt, November 26, 2019-January 6, 2020). It is an automatic block if you forced me to change it into that awful setting. This is my opening channel and my rules. Sorry for being rough, but that has to get out of my chest, until they change this awful policy system.

Pestering me to change into "for kids" will gave one and only warning. If I did, you cannot do the actions as the disabled actions that makes it awful changing my impact of my opening channel.

-I noticed you selected the original mix (for Robocop, Predator) on your catalog openings. Why do you do that? (I did that to keep the original theatrical mix audio experience as it first seen in theaters. If you noticed the 4.0 audio mix, Dolby Stereo as it named supposed to have just two channels (in reality it can go up to 4 channels, comparable to CinemaScope 4-track stereo). See: for more information.
Alien for what I remember only has 4.0 on theatrical cut, NOT on the Director's Cut.

-I decide to limit how I answer the questions since either you know it already or do some research because questioning me. There the reason why I filter the comments before answering a question. Load times, menu design for the certain release, how the studios handle, that is a often tedious questions everytime they asked me to do. Also, THIS IS MY OPENING CHANNEL AND MY ANSWERING RULES.

-Are you disappointed with the latest Dolby Atmos/Vision logo they have? (actually it does make the brand feels not ironic and generic for a known audio brand. See and . The company's changed into a generic font does not help and make them forgettable (announced on ). Both the 1971–2007 and the 2007-2020 logos are ironic (and the 2007-2020 is still a minor change and noticeable for the typical Dolby logo). They made a mistake for changing into a not so noticeable logo.
I have to get use of it on the end of the future movies featuring a latest Dolby logo.

Any preverted links will cause an instant block (and reported if required).

-If I did get a copyright strike from the original copyright owners who made the films, I have to accept that. However, getting a false strike (copyright strike NOT from the original owners; community strike by flagging by users) is a pissed off situation. I'm also annoyed when someone mentions Susan W is the blame of that mess; in reality, that is some user or the non original owners did this mess.

-"How do you get it early?" or similar like that (ex. How do u get Blu-rays before release date so u can do the openings on the release date?): It is an embarrassing question, but I ask you at least once:

Two words, Best Buy (for a friend of mine who is a physical user). That the only thing I will mention since I'm rather not discuss about personal information (and uncomfortable for me to deal with).
For the ones I rented, it by the same release date since these get a one-time watch (as a Redbox or the local rental store).
I can say, it may result in the situation why I published the openings, the same date as the official release date.

For the imports either me or my friend got it, Amazon or eBay is the place to get it.

This is the only time I have to deal with that since I hate answering a personal question. Asking again, I'm not going to response it. Period.

About the print dates on the 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray lookup according to the files: I'm not that interested at all. If you don't know what that means, it was the master pressed date while mastering the discs.
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