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I lost the comment I've written sadly, I will just rewrite the first part.

"I’m hereditarian-questioning (see what I did there?). My views have become more nuanced, I just am open to hearing and reading both sides to form my view (something I didn’t do years ago when I first got into this)."

I understand, at first, I was an 100% environmentalist, then I discovered race realism because of a controversy Ithat I do not remember anymore. I just accepted it without questionning it (yeah, I went from 100% environmentalist to race realist dogmatic, talk about extremes)

Then after seeing many debated, I decided to look at the counter arguments which do not come from 100% environmentalist. Now I'm skeptic about hereditarians since some of their data can be flawed (lynn's work).

My position now is that genes might explain a part of the IQ gap between race (small to low-moderate probably, like 3-6 point of the B-W IQ gap for example) but the majority of the IQ gap between races seems to depend on many other factors hard to control for.

Is your position something like that too?

"Yea I see where you’re coming from there. Faulk has good stuff, his stuff is well cited he’s just outright wrong in some instances (testosterone and race, “carb sensitivity” and race). It’s the same with Tara McCarthy. She’s huge on the race realism dogmatism. She blocked me on Twitter because she kept insisting that even moderate amounts of alcohol is negative, and when i kept citing large meta-analyses to the contrary (stating that moderate alcohol consumption is fine), she got triggered and blocked me."

(I've write a long comment to this part but I will briefly resume it since that i'm too lazy to rewrite it again)

Yeah, ryan faulk has great articles such as the classification of race, problems with peer reviews too which are great articles but other articles of his are flawed beside testosterones and carb sensitivity.

An article from his buddy Francis but very flawed, he compare GDP of african americans to entire countries to say (see? poor white have higher IQ than blacks), ignoring the fact that cost of living is cheaper in these countries.

He also use Lynn's flawed data, even if Faulk didn't write those articles, the fact that he never questionned them and still quote them in some of his arguments against other people (yeah, even the testosterones articles which you debunked) show that he want to hide the truth from his fanbase (fanbase full of jerks screaming niggers toward everyone who slightly oppose them).

Also this article :

He use flawed correlation on IQ "predicting" performance/outcome. He ignored a criticism of his article too just in his comment section, I could add more criticism but I dunno if you agree with him or not so I will not bother you more about it.

Ryan Faulk want to push the genetic determinism (close to what PP try to do) because if he became an hereditarian questionning, then his white nationalist movement will be less powerful, he literally need race realism dogmatism to exist. Because he think that race realism will help him to divide the USA into multiple coutries based on race (yeah, he literally believe that he can do that without any violence, that people will magically accept to move from their house, he believe that by comparing historical event, as if it can apply in modern context).

"Most people who are into this stuff are interested in confirming their own views and biases. That’s not science, and it’s damn sure not a scientific attitude to the questions posed by race realism/HBD."

Yeah, it's sad because HBD can be used in good ways, but a lot of people such as Tara and Ryan want to use it in a unethical way.

That's why I respect professional such as Charles Murray, his position isn't close of mine but he listen to opposing views and discuss honestly about it. Richard Haier think the same.

And I respect more people such as you, and Emil Kirkegaard (he's an hard herediterian but he's not ideologically driven and seems to really care about science) because you actually try to reach for the truth.

You should have more spotlight among HBDer.
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