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Dissidia Final Fantast NT Deluxe Edition DLC Listesi -
3rd Appearance Special Set for Terra & Kefka
Ace Starter Pack
Akademeia Summer Uniform Appearance Set for Ace
Arc Sword, Tidus’s 4th Weapon
Archduke of Jeuno I Appearance for Kam’lanaut
Armaments IV, Noctis Lucis Caelum’s 4th Weapon Set
Arsenal IV, Bartz Klauser’s 4th Weapon Set
Arsenal IV, Firion’s 4th Weapon Set
Astral Rod, Yuna’s 4th Weapon
Away Uniform Appearance Set for Jecht
Bartz Klauser Starter Pack
Benevolent Maiden Appearance Set for Terra Branford
Bladewielder Appearance Set for Onion Knight
Cardinal, Rinoa Heartilly’s 4th Weapon
Cecil Harvey Starter Pack
Cecil Reimagined Appearance Set for Cecil Harvey
Cloaked Anchorite Appearance Set for Kuja
Cloud of Darkness Starter Pack
Cloud Strife Starter Pack
Cloudy Wolf Appearance Set for Cloud Strife
Conflicted Hero Appearance Set for Vaan
Crimson Blitz, Lightning’s 4th Weapon
Destructive Tentacles, Cloud of Darkness’s 4th Weapon Set
Devoted Returner Appearance Set for Locke Cole
Divine Blade, Kam’lanaut’s 4th Weapon
Edea’s Corpse Appearance Set for Ultimecia
Emperor Starter Pack
Excalibur, Ramza Beoulve’s 4th Weapon
Exdeath Starter Pack
Fallen One Appearance Set & 5th Weapon for Kefka Palazzo
Firion Starter Pack
Fledgling Warrior Appearance Set for Warrior of Light
Freelancer Appearance Set for Bartz Klauser
Fusion Sword, Cloud Strife’s EX weapon
Garland Starter Pack
Glacial Guard, Snow Villiers’ 4th Weapon
Golbez Reimagined Appearance Set for Golbez
Golbez Starter Pack
Golden Sword / Omnirod / Kiku-ichimonji, O. Knight’s 4th Weap.
Hardened Zealot Appearance Set for Garland
Hyperion, Squall Leonhart’s 4th Weapon
Jecht Starter Pack
Kain Highwind Starter Pack
Kam’lanaut Starter Pack
Kefka Palazzo Starter Pack
Kingly Raiment Appearance Set for Noctis Lucis Caelum
Knight of Etro Appearance Set for Lightning
Kuja Starter Pack
Laevateinn, Shantotto’s 4th Weapon
Lance of Ordeals, Kain Highwind’s 4th Weapon
Lightning Starter Pack
Locke Cole Starter Pack
Lucent Robe Appearance Set for Cloud of Darkness
Magician’s Deck, Ace’s 4th Weapon
Ministerial Vestiture Appearance Set for Shantotto
Nightmare, Ultimecia’s 4th Weapon
Noctis Lucis Caelum Starter Pack
Novus Appearance Set for Vayne Carudas Solidor
Obsidian Scales, Golbez’s 4th Weapon
One-Winged Angel Appearance Set for Sephiroth
Onion Knight Starter Pack
Organyx, Cloud Strife’s 4th Weapon
Orichalcum, Zidane Tribal’s 4th Weapon
Overture, Lightning’s EX weapon
Party Dress Appearance Set for Rinoa Heartilly
Platinum Sword, Vaan’s 4th Weapon
Pluto Uniform Appearance Set for Zidane Tribal
Ramza Beoulve Starter Pack
Recompense, Vayne Carudas Solidor’s 4th Weapon
Resolute Rebel Appearance Set for Firion
Rinoa Heartilly Starter Pack
Rod of Censure, the Emperor’s 4th Weapon
Root of Evil Appearance Set for Exdeath
Sanctifying Dragoon Appearance Set for Kain Highwind
Scion Healer’s Robe Appearance Set for Y’shtola
Season Pass
Second Coming, Sephiroth’s 4th Weapon
SeeD Uniform Appearance Set for Squall Leonhart
Sephiroth Starter Pack
Shantotto Starter Pack
Shire Crook, Y’shtola’s 4th Weapon
Sin’s Spur, Jecht’s 4th Weapon
Snobbish Turban Appearance Set for Kefka Palazzo
Snow Villiers Starter Pack
Squall Leonhart Starter Pack
Sun Blade / Diamond Shield, Warrior of Light’s 4th Weapon Set
Terra Branford Starter Pack
The Espers’ Progeny App. Set & 5th Weapon for Terra Branford
Thinking Cap, Kefka Palazzo’s 4th Weapon
Tidus Starter Pack
Truth Seeker, Y’shtola’s EX weapon
Turbid Cores, Kuja’s 4th Weapon Set
Ultimecia Starter Pack
Vaan Starter Pack
Valiant Knife, Locke Cole’s 4th Weapon
Vayne Carudas Solidor Starter Pack
Violet Robe Appearance Set for the Emperor
Virtuous Mercenary Appearance Set for Ramza Beoulve
Void Sword, Exdeath’s 4th Weapon
Waning Blade / Waxing Blade, Cecil Harvey’s 4th Weapon Set
Warrior of Light Starter Pack
Wedding Gown Appearance Set for Yuna
Wild Bear Appearance Set for Snow Villiers
Y’shtola Starter Pack
Yuna Starter Pack
Zanarkand Abes Uniform Appearance Set for Tidus
Zanmato, Garland’s 4th Weapon
Zantetsuken, Terra Branford’s 4th Weapon
Zenos yae Galvus Starter Pack
Zidane Tribal Starter Pack
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